Capitol City Classic at Lincoln High

2018 — Lincoln, NE/US

Capital City Classic at Lincoln High

Lincoln High School
2229 J St, Lincoln, NE 68510
(402) 436-1301

We look forward to your attendance of the Capital City Classic Debate Tournament on January 27, 2018.  We will offer open fields of competition in Congressional Debate (CD), Lincoln Douglas (LD), Policy (CX), and Public Forum (PF). 

This tournament will follow all NSAA bylaws.  This is a high school only tournament.  Students must be eligible according to NSAA and may only compete for the school in which they are currently enrolled.  The NSAA bylaws can be viewed at


Tentative Schedule:*




7:45 Registration

7:45 Registration

7:45 Registration

8:30 Round 1

8:30 Session 1

8:30 Round 1

10:30 Round 2

10:30 Break

9:30 Round 2

12:30 Lunch

10:45 Session 2

10:45 Round 3

1:00 Round 3

12:30 Lunch

12:00 Lunch

3:00 Round 4

1:00 Session 3

12:30 Round 4

5:30 Awards

2:30 Break

1:45 Round 5

ASAP Final

2:45 Session 4

3:00 Quarterfinal**


5:00 Adjournment

4:15 Semifinal


5:30 Awards

5:30 Awards



ASAP Final

*Schedule may be modified if needed. The schedule will be accelerated as much as possible.

**If entry numbers necessitate modifying the level to which we clear entries to outrounds, we will do so.



CX – Six speaker awards and awards for teams clearing to elimination debates

CD – An award to the presiding officer as well as to the top six speakers

LD – Six speaker awards and awards for quarterfinalists and above

PF – Six speaker awards and awards for quarterfinalists and above

Sweepstakes – A trophy to the top team


Online Entry:

Entries will only be accepted online via  Deadline for entries is 6:00PM on Wednesday, January 24, 2018. Fees and judge requirements will be assessed at this time.  Drops after the entry deadline can be entered directly on Tabroom until 6:00PM on Thursday, January 25, 2018. After this deadline, changes or drops can be emailed to



Policy Team -- $25                                         Lincoln-Douglas Debate -- $25

Public Forum -- $25                                        Student Congress -- $15


Judge Coverage:

All judges are obligated to one full round beyond their team’s elimination.

Policy -- One judge per two entries.  May be hired for $200.

Lincoln-Douglas – One judge per two entries.  May be hired for $200

Public Forum – One judge per two entires.  May be hired for $200

Congressional Debate – One judge per six debaters or part thereof.  May be hired for $10 per debater.

It is critical that teams provide required judging as we have very limited hired judges available are will not be able to run a tournament without teams providing judges. Priority on hired judge requests will be given to teams joining us from out of state.


Policy Debate:

CXers will have 8 minutes of prep time.

Lincoln-Douglas Debate:

We will be using the January/February topic.

LDers will have 4 minutes of prep time.

Public Forum Debate:

We will use the January topic.

PFers will have 2 minutes of prep time.

Congressional Debate:

Bills can be found on Google Docs. 

Each school will be assessed a judging fee for each six students.  This fee will be $60.  You can alleviate this fee by bringing a judge for each six entries.  This fee will be prorated.  A team bringing three students can pay the prorated judge fee of $30 or bring a judge.  Your judges may only be used for ½ a day in congress, so please indicate which other event in which they are qualified to judge.  These judges will all be finished before awards. 


Food Stuffs

We will have a concession stand open throughout the day. Please inform the tournament ASAP if any of your debaters have special dietary requirements, and we’ll do our best to ensure there is something available for all of your students. Additionally, our wonderful parents will be serving breakfast and lunch in our judge’s lounge.


If you have any questions about our tournament, please contact Victoria Freeman directly at



We look forward to your team joining us for this year’s Capital City Classic!