Fayetteville March Madness

2018 — Fayetteville, AR/US

Fayetteville High School Debate and Forensics

March Madness 2018

The Fayetteville High School Debate and Forensics Team are pleased to invite you to the 2018 March Madness Tournament & Junior High Invitational on Friday, March 9th and Saturday, March 10th, 2018.

Event Information: The Fayetteville Tournament is a qualifying tournament for the ACTAA State Tournament of Champions this April. Sweepstakes awards will be offered to large schools, small schools, and junior highs and will be determined using the squad efficiency method. All finalists will receive awards. We will offer all individual and group events (including this year’s new addition of impromptu speaking!) along with Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Big Questions, Public Forum, and Congress. We will offer JH Big Questions Debate.

Registration:  We will be using Tabroom for registration and tabulation purposes! Tabroom will have public access to tournament related documents, pairings, and results for the tournament.  Your students, coaches, and judges will be able to sign up for “live updates” so they know any information relating to them. Search “Fayetteville March Madness” on Tabroom. The deadline for entries is FRIDAY, March 2nd at 4:00pm.  Mock Trial is the weekend before, so please be aware and plan accordingly!

Changes to Registration: There will be fees for registration changes made after the deadline. Additions and/or drops made after 4pm on Friday March 2nd will have a $10 fee per change. It’s SO much easier to do a simple name change. Even if you have already requested your check, you WILL be required and contacted to pay for these fees. If you have any drops/adds/name changes, you will need to email these directly to rachelmauchline@gmail.com ASAP.

Judge Requirements: One qualified judge must be provided for every ten IE/Congress entries and every four debate teams. Students may enter multiple events in a given round, but and rounds will not be held late to accommodate students with multiple entries. Students may only enter one debate event, and policy debate students will not be able to compete in Pattern A individual events.  High School students in other styles of debate will be able to enter both Pattern A and B events, with the understanding that if they miss those rounds, refunds will not be granted. Refunds will not be granted for students who miss rounds due to multiple entries. 

Congressional Debate: For congressional debate, we will utilize the TFA Spring 2018 docket, along with legislation submitted by schools.  Specific legislation for each session will be stated once the entire docket has been created. Each school will be able to submit two pieces of legislation in NSDA style. This legislation will need to be emailed to samantha.johnson@fayar.net  by Friday February 16th at 4pm. Students will be able to register for congressional debate up until 11:59pm on Friday March 9th 2018. Please email any congressional debate additions to rachelmauchline@gmail.com by this time.

Topics Used: Lincoln Douglas Debaters will use the March/April NSDA Topic. Public Forum Debaters will use the March NSDA Topic. Policy Debaters will use the 2017-2018 NSDA Topic. Big Questions Debaters will use the 2017-2018 NSDA Topic. Congressional Debaters will use the provided docket. Impromptu and Extemp will use topics released at a later date.

Tabulation Notes: We will predict to have divided divisions between novice and varsity in debate- but have the ability to collapse to an open division based on entry numbers. This information will be presented to coaches as soon as available. We will not break brackets in elimination rounds and will default roll/walkover elimination rounds unless contacted by a coach. You will also need to provide your own judge if you decide to not do a roll for an elimination round. If you know prior to the tournament that you won’t want to do rolls, please contact rachelmauchline@gmail.com and let her know so it speeds up the tabulation process. 

Arrival at FHS: Please do NOT arrive on campus before 4:15pm! Have your bus driver drop off students in front of the high school on Buchanan Ave and students will be outside to direct you to registration and our judges table. Registration will take place from 4:00pm until 4:30pm in the lobby of our Performing Arts Center and will open again at 7:00 am until 7:30am on Saturday morning. We will be providing wonderful concessions, so we ask that students do not bring any outside food! Please help us support our program by informing students AND parents of this request.   

We look forward to seeing you at FHS this March!

Declan Brick, Griffin Fulton, Sara Gardner, Eric Gu, Tre Jones, Patrick Miller, & Zara Raezer -Fayetteville High School Team Captains

Samantha Johnson- Fayetteville High School Director of Speech and Debate

Rachel Mauchline- March Madness Tabulation Coordinator