Florida Manatee District Tournament

2018 — FL/US

Florida Manatee District Qualifier

for the 2018 National Tournament
Manatee Speech/Debate
Stoneman Douglas High School
Manatee Congress
Pompano Beach High School
Thu 3/8 Fri 3/9 HOU SEN
Worlds/Big Questions
Pompano Beach High School
Miramar, FL
Sat 3/10 Sat 3/10 BQ

Dear Coaches, 


You are cordially invited to attend the Manatee NSDA District Qualifiers on February 10-11 (Speech and Debate) and March 8-9 (Congress). Speech and Debate will take place at Stoneman Douglas High School and Congress will take place at Pompano Beach High School. This two-part tournament determines which students from our district will represent us at NSDA Nationals in June. Historically students from our district have competed in late elimination rounds at NSDA Nationals and won multiple national championships. (Side note: Big Questions and Worlds Qualifiers will be on Saturday, March 10 at Glades Middle School)


We need every school to support us as a district! Please bring as many students as you can (please remember that they must be current NSDA members who have completed the online student registration) and fill all of your allotted entries to the district tournament. You can find out how many entries your school is entitled in the Points Application. Troubleshooting instructions for linking students will be emailed out as soon as possible. 


Finally, please remember, regardless of your entry quota, you’re entitled to an overall maximum of 4 entries per event. The past two years we have been able to get a FOURTH entry to Nationals in a few events; we can do this again with your help! 


All coaches should be familiar with the NSDA rules, specifically the District Tournament Operations ManualPlease also make sure you stay on top of important emails that will be sent out regularly over the next few weeks. And as you begin getting ready for the Manatee District Tournament do not hesitate to call on your District Committee at any time. We're here to assist you in the process of registering and preparing for the tournament.