Riverdale Rebel Revolution

2018 — Jefferson, LA/US

We are pleased to invite you and your students to the 2nd Rebel Revolution. We're proud to be the only non-magnet public school operating a speech and debate team in Jefferson Parish, and we're honored to host this tournament again. 

Our intention is to offer 4 preliminary rounds for each style of debate and 2 guaranteed preliminary rounds for individual events. In speech events with only one panel of entrants, there will be 3 rounds and they will be counted as a panel. In events with two panels, we will break to finals after 3 rounds. If the event has 3 panels, we will go from round 2 to semifinals and offer a final round afterward. We ran a rather efficient tournament last year, and we have every intention of doing the same this year. 

We offer all events catered to at the LHSSL Tournament of Champions including Policy Debate, Public Forum, Lincoln-Douglas, Congress, Humorous Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Oral Interpretation, Impromptu Speaking, Extemporaneous Speaking, Declamation, Original Oratory, Duo Interpretation, and Duet Acting. Please see the LHSSL Rules for Standardization for the rules of these events: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1AzJAbynbmV3tTDimiz9d4FWuDSJXA2uAGW1FVR3t1nM/edit?usp=sharing

We will also offer Program Oral Interp as a main event using NSDA guidelines.

Please make sure to include names for judges and be sure that your debate judges are linked on Tabroom.com. The intention this year is to move from paper balloting in debate events to online ballots, as it is generally more efficient (and saves trees). 

We're ecstatic to have this tournament up and running again. For those of you aware of Riverdale's rich history in the speech and debate community, it is an honor for me to run this program, and it is a pure joy to have you and your students on our campus.

Thank you!

-Dominic Clust