Hudson Valley District Tournament

2018 — NY/US

Hudson Valley District Qualifier

for the 2018 National Tournament
District Tournament
Iona Preparatory School
New Rochelle, NY

Dear Colleagues in the Hudson Valley NSDA District:


Howdy! This year we will be using the Tabroom software for registration and tabulation. Full information about the tournament is available at


In order to register for the tournament, you will need to have a Tabroom account and you will need to link your Tabroom account to your NSDA account.


Unlike most tournaments on Tabroom, you register for the District Tournament through the NSDA tab on your Tabroom account once you log in. This is the 5th tab from the left along the top set of tabs.


In order to enter students in the District Tournament, their Tabroom account needs to be linked to their NSDA account and they need to be a member in good standing with the NSDA (you will know this because these students will have stars next to their names on your NSDA points page).


If you are having trouble with this, please see


We wish to qualify as many students as we can to go to Nationals. Even those of us who don’t plan on intending Nationals for whatever reason (cost, exam/graduation conflicts, etc.) are asked to do their part in our small forensics community by participating at Districts so that our friends and colleagues who are able to attend are enabled to do so. Sometimes our very existence, not simply as an NSDA District but as programs actively educating our students in this unique and important activity, seems to depend on our strength as a community of schools working together.


As always, it is important to enter every single NSDA point earned throughout the year for your school. This has become even easier with AutoPosting. If your student’s Tabroom accounts are linked to their NSDA account, you can add points for the whole team at once, rather than entering each kid individually.


These points have to be on record ASAP. So please: go online and enter every point you can with NSDA, sign up every new kid you have with 25 points or more, and when the time comes, send to the district tournament every single entrant your points allow. Even if you don’t have kids you think will qualify, send them in for the experience. Students also need to have signed up with the NSDA and have agreed to the honor code in order to compete or count towards your strength.


This year the NSDA finals will be in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Thanks to the generosity of Charlie Sloat and the Iona team, this year our qualifying tournament be at Iona. The address of Iona is 255 Wilmot, New Rochelle, NY 10804. The date of the tournament is March 3rd. Registration is openand close on March 1st at 8 AM.


As far as the day goes, registration will be between 8:00 AM and 8:30 AM in the Library. Students will hang out in the room near the Library. We plan to hold a short general meeting at 8:45 a.m. and to begin at 9:00 a.m. We will be running all categories simultaneously with a minimum of three rounds in each. It is difficult to say what time we will be done as due to the double elimination nature of the tournament, we won’t know how many rounds we have to run until we are in the middle of it.




The District Congress will be the same day.

 Just a few details for this, I will ask for bills to be emailed to me ( by Friday, February 23rd. We REALLY need everyone’s cooperation to get to 8 schools to send all the kids that we would like to send. There will be NO entry fees in Congress. We need to have independent judging in Congress, so the District will pick up all costs and judging responsibilities for Congress. We would ask that if you are JUST bringing Congress competitors, that you bring someone we can put into the speech or debate pool to judge.


We would like to be able to seat a House and a Senate. To seat a Senate, we need EIGHT schools to participate. Therefore, PLEASE PLEASE consider bringing a kid to try out the Senate. It’s like extemp, but the kids get to hear each other.


Some details


All fees to the NSDA must be paid before your students are allowed to compete. For the tournament, your first 2 entries will cost $25 each. After that, there is no additional cost per entry. So to recap, entry 1 - $25.  Second entry - $50 total. Third through your limit - $50 total. We will once again be serving breakfast and lunch.



For every two debaters that you bring (or fraction thereof), you are required to bring one judge. For every four speakers that you bring (or fraction thereof), you are required to bring one judge.

If you can bring a neutral judge, you do not have to pay any registration fees.


Original Oratory

A copy of each Oratory must be emailed to with all quoted material underlined or highlighted by March 1.



Please have originals on hand in case of challenge. There’s no need to have typed up cuttings



We will be using March-April topic for LD and March topic for PF. That’s the rule of the League.


Double Entry

Students may double enter in any two speech events. There is no double entry between speech and debate events. You may not double enter in debate.


Entry Limits

In any given category, you may enter up to four students. Your total number of entries is dictated by your team’s membership strength, which is why people ought to enter points.


Worlds Schools

Our District has the right to send up to 2 World Schools Debate teams. Anyone who is interested to have students on the District team should contact me directly.



There is a LOT less paperwork now. All you need to do, once your entry is set is to go to the NSDA forms link and download the forms. There is a registration form and then the single entry forms for any student double entering. Thankfully, these only now need the coach’s signature. Please bring this form with you to the tournament.



It is hard to say what the actual schedule will look like because the rounds have to happen in a particular sequence. Last year, we finished speech by 4 and debate by 6 so those parameters should be helpful.


Joe Vaughan

District Chair