East High School Fall Classic Speech and Debate

2017 — IA/US

Welcome Coaches and Competitors…

            …To the East High Fall Classic!  We are offering a great couple of days of competition in speech and debate.  We are an affordable alternative for this weekend that allows students to compete in both Speech and Debate events.

Friday will allow you to compete in the following speech events:  Original Oratory, Mixed Extemporaneous Speaking, Spontaneous Speaking, Informative Speaking, Prose, Poetry, Program of Oral Interpretation, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, and Duo Interpretation.  We will have 3 speedy preliminary rounds and a final speech round. Start times will be at 4, 6, and 7:30, with draws for extemporaneous speaking happening in the library one half hour before each round begins.  A final speech round will happen at 9 that all students are encouraged to attend whether they break or not!  Awards for speech should happen around 10 PM. 

Saturday will offer competition in both Public Forum and Student Congress.  We no longer host policy and LD on our weekend due to lack of judges (from past experience) and the fact that Apple Valley is also hosted on our weekend.  We will have 2 sessions of congress and scores will be aggregated. Legislation will be due one full week before (send to Jennifer.Medina@dmschools.org) for posting to tabroom.  In PF (which will be the November NSDA topic) depending on numbers, we will have 5 rounds and then break to quarters, semis and a final round that will be paneled.


All entries will be an affordable flat fee or $10 per student.  Due to the low entry fees, we ask that all teams competing fulfill their judging obligation.  One judge per 6 speech and congress competitors, and 1 judge per 2 PF teams.  All hired judges are due one week prior to competition. Any changes in entry the week of competition will be charged the fee they owe.  Thank you in advance for coming to EAST!