Boston Capitol Club Debate Tournament

2017 — Hampton Inn - Natick, MA/US

Dear parents, students, & administrators,


We are very excited to announce and invite you to our fall series of club tournaments. We will be hosting six tournaments in  Boston, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic regions. Three in October and three in December. We will also be hosting four on the West Coast in Southern California and Seattle. Two in November and two in December.


Registration on Tabroom has begun for Boston, Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic October tournaments:


Boston - Hampton Inn - Natick, MA

Saturday, October 14th


Northeast - Hyatt Regency - Morristown, NJ

Sunday, October 15th


Mid-Atlantic - Sheraton - Tysons Corner, VA


Saturday, October 14th


This will be a be a one day tournament with 3 or 4 rounds of preliminary competition based on number of entries. Entry fees will remain $100 per club team. The tournaments will be using the club debate format and regulations that were utilized at our club nationals tournament last year. Computers are not permitted in round and the format stresses that opening cases should utilize note cards instead of a verbatim reading of a pre-written case. Regulations on format and speech times can be found on the tournament website.


The club tournaments will use the following topic for fall competitions:


On balance, diplomacy has better maintained peace than military power.



If you would like any more information please do reach us at or at