Forest Lake Coming Home Tournament

2017 — MN/US

Welcome to our first ever Homecoming tournament! 

Schedule: We are going to try to run a tight tournament; please make sure judges are on time and checked in with you so that we can stay on schedule as best we can.

Check in your team any time between 7:45 a.m.-8:15 a.m. Make any drops online before you come to make everything easier. Double check your entry on Saturday morning in the bus if you can. You can call me to check in from your bus if you like: email me for my number. If you will be late, call and let me know.

Rounds will start at 8:30. We'll have 5 debate rounds and two congress lounge with a break for lunch and try to be done by 3-3:30.

Building Needs: We are in the middle of construction - please ask your kids to stay away from any construction materials or activities. We shouldn't be near much of it, so if your kids are around it, they aren't where they should be.

Additionally, we have our homecoming dance here at the school that night and there will be student council kids setting things up in the cafeteria. Please tell your students not to touch these materials.

Please ask kids ahead of time NOT to go into rooms until there is a judge present. Please ask your judges not to change arrangements or move anything without putting it all back. We want to be able to use the building again; please help us keep it safe. 

Importantly, there are some small pieces of sandpaper and other things around our building stuck on the walls. PLEASE tell your students not to touch these - they are for a blind-deaf student to navigate the building. Without these in place, he will be lost or confused. If you see anyone messing with anything on the wall, please tell them not to touch them. This is very important.

Concessions: We'll have the usual pizza, soda, chips, candy, and fruit snacks. Judges lounge will also have pizza for this tournament. 

I'm sure I've forgotten something... so please don't hesitate to email me: Thank you for helping our tournament go smoothly!