Middle School Speech and Debate Fall Classic

2017 — CA/US

Welcome to the 2017 Middle School Speech & Debate Classic Tournament hosted by the Bay Area Urban Debate League! We are excited to have you with us this year.

Please note that all proceeds--including refreshments--will go to support urban debate in the Bay. As such, we ask that you pay all fees on time. Refreshments are available for sale until they run out.

Parking is limited so we suggest carpooling. If you decide to drive, please review the City College parking website



Judge Training/Coach Check-In



Round 1 - 9:00am

Round 2 - 11:00am

Round 3 - 2:00pm


Coach Check-In - 3:30pm

Round 1 - 4:00pm

Round 2 - 5:00pm

Round 3 - 6:00pm 


Round 1 - 9:15am-11am

Round 2 - 11:45am-1:45pm

Round 3 - 2pm-3:45pm





Computer use is not allowed; are restricted to paper-only debate.

Coaches must print evidence on their own. Our tabroom does not have the capacity to print evidence at the tournament.

Novice is defined as a student with 1 year (or less) of debate experience

NO DOUBLE ENTRIES FOR CONGRESS! It is fine to enter in 1 IE and 1 debate event.



Resolved: Deployment of anti-missile systems is in South Korea’s best interest.



Resolved: In the United States, national service ought to be compulsory.


EXTEMP TOPICS (2 per round)

1. Is it time to abolish the electoral college?

2. What constitutional rights were possibly violated when California required vaccinations?

3. Should technology companies give scholarships to low income students?

4. Does social media have a negative impact on children?

5. Should the U.S. be required to offer financial help to foreign countries after natural disasters?

6. Is it time to give teenagers the right to vote for president?



Starting school date later

Community service requirements

Healthier school lunch



A. Oral prompting, except for time signals, by a speaker’s debate partner is not prohibited. Individual judges may determine their comfort with this practice and handle it in-round. No protests will be heard by the ombudsperson regarding this issue.

B. Judging Conflicts: Contestants in any debate event who are scheduled to be judged by someone who has, at any point in time, coached or taught them or with whom they have a close personal relationship are responsible for reporting that fact to the ombudsperson immediately. Failure to comply may result in disqualification from the tournament.



Expository: 10 min, visual aids allowed

Declamation DI, HI, Duo, Original Oratory: 6-10 min + 30-sec grace

Extemporaneous: 30 min prep, 7 min speech

Impromptu: Up to 5 min, 2 min prep

Storytelling: 5 min + 30-sec grace


First Affirmative, First Negative: 3 min, 2 min questioning, 10 sec grace

Other Speeches 3 min + 1-min questioning


If you have any questions, please email: info@BAUDL.org