Panther Debate Tournament

2017 — Derby, KS/US

You and your squad are cordially invited to attend the Derby High School Panther debate tournament on Saturday, Oct. 27-28, 2017.  We are limited on space due to ACT testing on Saturday. Each school will receive 4 entries in the DCI division with a judging obligation of one “qualified” judge per two teams entered.  We will also host a KDC division, but judging will be provided by mostly parents of our students. Space for the KDC division will be dependent upon available rooms and our ability to secure judges. Even with the limited space, I anticipate we will be able to accommodate all interested teams.

DCI Division – This division should be comprised of teams who are interested in debating college preparatory NDT/CEDA style debate. Judges should have debate experience, be capable of keeping a flow and be comfortable with disclosing and explaining their decision at the end of the debate orally. All judges will be asked to submit a judging philosophy by Wednesday, Oct. 25 and these philosophies will be available for all coaches to view. Please review the schedule and note that there will be time for oral decisions after the round. Each round will be directly power-matched after the first round. Round one will be paired at random and judges will be placed at random. ALL DCI judges will be obligated one round beyond their school’s elimination AND all judges will be in the pool for quarterfinals – please plan accordingly.

KDC Division – This division should be comprised of teams who are interested in debating in front of a community style judging pool. The judging pool will be comprised of volunteering parents and community members. This division will be power-matched after round one. Round one will be drawn at random.