Rosemount Irish Centennial Invitational

2017 — Rosemount, MN/US

Rosemount High School is celebrating its centennial this year, and we welcome you to the Irish Centennial Debate Invitational on September 30, 3017.  We are adding policy debate divisions this year, and so we will be offering competition in policy, Lincoln-Douglas, public forum, and student congress.  

In order to accommodate the addition of policy debate, this year the public forum divisions will be held at Eagan High School, which is only a short drive from Rosemount.  We are grateful to Chris McDonald and our other good friends at Eagan for partnering with us to host this event.  

We anticipate having 5 rounds in LD and PF, and 3 rounds in policy.  We currently plan to hold a final round in each LD, policy, and PF division, commencing right after awards.  

The entry fee is $15.00 per entry in all divisions.  

Questions about the tournament can be directed to Cort Sylvester,  We look forward to seeing you.  


Tournament Schedule:

7:30 am     School open for arrivals & registration begins

8:30 am     Start of Congress Session 1 (to 10:30)

8:45 am     Round 1 PF and LD

9:00 am     Round 1 Policy

10:00 am   Round 2 PF and LD

10:45 am   Start of Congress Session 2 (to 1:15 pm, with lunch break)

11:00 am   Round 3 PF and LD, Round 2 Policy

11:45 am   Congress lunch break (to 12:15 pm)

12:45 pm   Round 4 PF and LD

1:30 pm     Round 3 Policy

1:45 pm     Start of Congress Finals Session (to 3:45 pm)

2:00 pm     Round 5 PF and LD

4:30 pm     Awards

5:00 pm     Finals (will be considered for PF, LD and policy)