MLK Communications Contest

2018 — Wilmington, DE/US

Your registration for the 2018 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Communication Contest has been successfully submitted. Thank you! 

If you said yes to one or both workshop(s) on December 9th at Christ Church Christiana Hundred, this email will also serve as your registration for the workshop(s) and more information will follow. With regard to the semifinals on January 6th at the Episcopal Church of Saints Andrew & Matthew, your audition time will be sent after registration has closed.  Please review the attached rules of the contest before creating your presentation and remember to bring photo ID with you to all events.

We look forward to hearing your presentation. Good luck!  


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Will you attend the Presentation Workshop given by Jayne Thompson, Lecturer, Widener University, on December 9th at Christ Church Christiana Hundred? 

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Will you attend the Writing Workshop given by JoAnn Balingit, Delaware’s 16th Poet Laureate, on December 9th at Christ Church Christiana Hundred? 

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If you are unable to attend the workshop at Christ Church Christiana Hundred, would you be interested in attending a webinar?

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Adult Sponsor/Mentor Information (Must be 21 years of age or older.)

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Parental/Legal Guardian Consent: By checking this box, I give YWCA Delaware & Christ Church Christiana Hundred permission to use my child's presentation in full or partial as well as photos and/or video of my child for purposes of promotion of the MLK Communication Contest. Should I wish to use my child’s presentation for purposes of profit, I agree to request prior permission from Christ Church Christiana Hundred and YWCA Delaware.

Contest Rules & Regulations

       Message must be original and relate to the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

       Contestants must have an adult sponsor/mentor (21 years or older) to support them as they prepare to compete.

       Contestants are encouraged to memorize their presentations; cue cards, no larger than 4”x6” are permitted, but not read.

       Presentations are to be approximately 5 minutes long. 

       Finalists must be willing to provide an electronic copy of their presentation.

       Contestants are not permitted to leave the stage during their presentations.

       Audio, costumes, and props are NOT permitted.

       The decisions of the judges are final.



For more information contact:
Jane Rubini: or Matt Pillischer: