Georgetown PF Congress and Online Speech Debate Tournament

2017 — Washington, DC/US


Welcome to the site for the October 7-8, 2017 Georgetown Public Forum,  Congress, and Online OO, Public Speaking, and Debating Tournament tournament.

We offer Public Forum -- Varsity, JV (second year of debate, any grade), Novice (very first year in debate), and Middle School -- anyone in grades 6-8.

We are also offering one division of Congress.

We are also offering online competition divisions for (MS & HS) for PF, OO, and one on one debate.

Entry Fees

- $125/PF Entry

- $75/Congress Entry

-- $125/online OO, online Public Speaking, online Debate (includes judging) 

- $50 School Fee (there is no school fee if you are teams is only competing in online events)

- $150/entry judge fee (all events except online events where judging is included)

- Fees for online competition must be paid by September 15th.

Public Forum is a FINALS Gold TOC bid and a SEMIFINALS Silver Bid

*Online OO & Public Speaking Schedule

September 18 -- First video submissions due - -OO guidelines follow standard NSDA guidelines but will be recorded.  Detailed Public Speaking guidelines will be available June 15th, general guidelines are below.

Each video will be ranked against a set of 5 other videos

September 27 -- Those that make the top 32 will be notified

October 2-- Elimination round videos due

October 3-5 -- Elimination rounds -- videos will be automatically advanced and judged vs each other

October 6 -- Five finalists notified.  

October 8 -- Five finalist videos due by 8am.  Videos will be judged and ranked

Note: ALL video submission fees must be paid online by September 15th.

*Online Debate Schedule

Details below

*PF Schedule

The PF tab will be directed by Stefan Bauschard

Saturday -- All Prelims (October 7)

8am - R1

10am- R2

12:30 -- R3

3pm -- R4

5:15 -- R5

7:30 -- R6

We WILL run on time. We did in 2015 & 2016.

Sunday -- Elims

8am -- Doubles (double flighted) [all 4-2s, up to 32 teams]

10:30 -- Octos (double flighted)

1pm -- quarters (single flighted)

2:30 -- semis (single flighted)

4 -- finals (single flighted)

We anticipate doubles in varsity.  Depending on the total # of entries, we may have a smaller number of elims in the other events.

Congress Schedule

Congress Tab will be Directed by PJ Samorian. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017

8:00 am – 11:00 am Session I

11:00 am – 12:00pm Lunch Break

12:00 pm – 2:30 pm Session II

2:30 pm – 3:00 pm Break

3:00 pm – 5:30 pm Session III

Sunday, October 8, 2017

8:30 am - 9:00 am Meet, Greet, Photos with Honored Guest

9:00 am - 10:00 am Final Round Briefing -Full Scenario Released as well as Final Round Legislation

10:00 am - 11:00 am Break/Final Round Preparation Time

11:00 am - 1:30 pm Final Round Debate

2:30 pm Awards

(These times may change based on number in final round)

Public Speaking Competition Rules

Middle School -- 4 Minute Speech

High School -- 6 Minute Speech

Competitors can choose to submit a speech in one of the following categories -- Informative or Argumentative/Persuasive

Speeches will be judged based on the following criteria --

(a) Eye Contact  /5

(b) Confidence  /5

(c) General organization /10

(d) Central idea/theme /5

(e) Supporting evidence  /15

(f) Quality of idea/information  /10

(g) Adaptation of speech to online environment  /10

(h) Ability to keep audience interested  /10

(i) Quality of video recording  /10

(j) Poise/posture  /10

(K) Voice projection/fluency/control  /10

(l) Language choice /10

Each speech will be graded by 3 judges, with the top 32 advancing to elimination rounds.


*Online Debate Tournament

September/October PF Topic


All students will debate in the first three rounds – Up to 128 students -- This is a one on one competition.


The debates will start September 15th


Round 2 –  top 32 based on W-L record and speaker points (32)

Round 3 – winners of 2nd round (16)

Round 4—winners of third round (8)

Round 5—winners of fourth round (4)

Round 6 (Championship) – winners of 2nd round (2)




*When students sign-up, they will be asked to choose a preferred side and will be matched against a student who prefers the opposite side

*Students may need to be prepared to debate both sides in future rounds.

*Once students sign-up, they will be sent a link to a debate that has them debating another student and a time to have the debate.  The debate will occur live at that time, and a permanent record of the debate will be created.

*The live debate and the recording of the debate will be public. Students can choose to make the debate private only to the participants (judge and two debaters), but that is not required

*Debates will be judged and winning students will advance to the subsequent rounds of competition

*Students will receive payment once they complete the last round of competition they are eligible to participate in.

*Each student will receive either a win or a loss and speaker points. The top 32 (or 64 if there are more than 100 entries) will advance to elimination rounds.




Any in grades 9-12 (HS) or 6-8 (MS)

Entry is first come-first served.  Entry is limited to 128 students.




Aff Constructive (4 minutes)

Neg Constructive (4 minutes)


Aff Rebuttal (4 minutes)

Neg Rebuttal (4 Minutes)


Aff Final Close (4 minutes)
Neg Final Close (4 minutes)




We will once again use the Holiday Inn as our tournament hotel.  


The rate: $149 + 13.25% tax


This is an excellent rate for a holiday weekend in Washington, DC.


While here you  can enjoy complimentary garage parking for automobiles on a first come, first serve basis (6’ clearance), complimentary wireless Internet, 2 onsite restaurants, an indoor pool, and fitness center.


You can call into the hotel to reserve a room under your block with the code GD7. If the code is not specified, you may be transferred to Central Reservations which is a Holiday Inn call center, tand hey cannot make group reservations. You can direct your guests to call 703-807-2000 or 800-368-3408 to speak with our in house Reservations Manager, Cynthia.


The hotel phone number is 703-807-2000.