East Ridge Congress Round Robin

2017 — Woodbury, MN/US
Each Committee's legislation, once submitted and compiled, will be posted on Tabroom.
Registration: 9:30 AM - if you could be at the school by 9:30, I'll get all your questions about the format answered, get pizza orders squared away, and get the tournament started.


ROUND 1: Committee-style Bill Selection @ 10:00 AM

We'll split students into committees of 5-10.  Each student presents their bill in an authorship-style speech.  Students will elect a Presiding Officer for each chamber, and each student  is required to give, and limited to giving, one speech.  The round ends when each student has given one speech.  The PO is not required to, but may give a speech.


ROUND 2: Committee-style Bill Debate @ 11:15 AM

After the first round, each student will vote for one of the presented bills to debate.  Once a bill is selected, the second round starts with affirmative and negative speeches.  Again, each student is limited to one speech.


As a note, Committee-style rounds will proceed as follows:

Speech: 3 minutes

Competitor Questions: 4 x :30 second blocks for competitors to ask questions

Judge Questions: 2 x :30 second question periods for judges (Judges are welcome, but not required, to ask questions of competitors)

Audience Questions: 1 minute

If you have students interested in seeing congress, but not interested in competing, they are more than welcome to come, observe, and participate in the audience question period.


We'll have a lunch break between rounds 2 and the Super Congress.


ROUND 3: Super Congress: Emergency scenario @ 1:00 PM (2 hour session)

Since we have fewer than 20 students, all are welcome to participate in the Super Congress.  The Round topic will be released between rounds 2 and 3.


As a note, all rounds are “internet-on” rounds – students are free to access the internet at any time.


AWARDS: 3:30 or ASAP