NYCUDL BALI Girls Debate League Tournament

2017 — Silberman School of Social Work, NY/US

NYCUDL BALI Girls Debate League Tournament

Silberman School of Social Work, Hunter College


Tournament Invitation: 


On behalf of the New York City Urban Debate League and the Bella Abzug Leadership Institute (BALI) you are cordially invited to the NYCUDL BALI Girls Debate League Tournament on March 30th, 2017 for a day of exciting, fun and intense debate. We will offer one debate, Public Forum, featuring three rounds of debate for this format.


Judges’ training will be available for individuals interested in judging Public Forum.


All questions, concerns and/or issues about the tournament should be directed to:


Program Manager: Courtney Kaufman – 917-774-6539 or


Looking forward to seeing you all,


Liz Abzug – Founder / Executive Director, Bella Abzug Leadership Institute

Aubrey Semple – Senior Programming Director, New York City Urban Debate League

Courtney Kaufman – Program Manager, New York City Urban Debate League





Registration will take place on Tabroom. We are listed as the NYC Urban Debate League circuit. If you do not have an account with Tabroom, you can easily set up through Due to space constraints we will be able to accommodate the first sixteen teams that register.


Permission Slips: One permission slip per year is legally required for each student. This permission

slip protect and promote our debaters – they enable us to track attendance and record accurate debate time which is necessary for National Speech & Debate Association points and qualification for competitive tournaments. We are requesting that coaches turn in all permission slips by the Wednesday before each student’s first tournament. For this tournament, please turn in permission slips by Wednesday March 29th, 2017.


You can access the permission slip here:


The NYCUDL will not accept any permission slips on the day of the tournament. Without a permission slip, a student cannot debate. No exceptions.



Each school requires one judge for every two teams competing. Failure to provide enough judges will result in us having to drop your teams from the tournament.




Points will be on the scale of 30 points, within the range of 25-30 points. Mavericks will have their points averaged.


We will provide awards for top speakers and top teams.

We will be using NSDA rules for evidence in Public Forum. More information can be found on their website.


There will be an automatic loss for all of your teams if a judge from your school does not show up for their round.


Public Forum BALI Topic: Resolved: First Amendment rights protect songs, movies, art and literature that engage violence against women.