Glenn E Burnett Invitational at Topeka High School

2017 — KS/US

You are cordially invited to participate in the Glenn E. Burnett tournament hosted at Topeka High School on February 17-18, 2017.

On Friday, the 17th, we will be we will feature 3, one-hour sessions of Congress and 4 rounds of LD and PFD (numbers pending).  Here are your specifics:

·         Congressional Debate (Senate, House, and Novice House) (I would like chambers of no more than 25 and will bust them up accordingly).

·         Open and Novice PFD (February Topic), these will collapse into one division if there are less than 6 Novice teams, or a lack of competitive diversity (ie 6 from 1 school and 2 from another, unless you are OK with debating yourself).

·         Open and Novice LD (January/February topic……I’m willing to be persuaded).  Again, these events will collapse if there are less than 6 novice LD-ers or lack of competitive equity.

On Saturday, the 18th, we will host three rounds of prelims, semis and finals in  the following state qualifying events:

Open Events

Junior Varsity Events (NOVICE/2ND YR ONLY)

 International Extemp

  United States Extemp,

Inform (The KSHSAA 7-min variety)



  Dramatic Interp

 Humorous Interp

 Duo Interp




  International Extemp

 United States Extemp

 OIL (Your choice of Prose/Poetry)

Dramatic Interpretation

 Humorous Interpretation


*In the JV events:  the extemp events or DI/HI will be combined if either event falls below 15 competitors.

*Also, if you have a 2nd year student who broke regularly in Open events, you probably shouldn’t put them in JV…..

We will also offer the following NON STATE QUALIFYING event: POI, Info 10.  We will potentially eliminate these events if entries do not warrant.

Students may triple enter, but may not enter both extemps or enter the same event in both Open/JV.

You are allowed unlimited entries in Open events, and I am tentatively capping JV entries at four per event (until I see soft numbers) and may be willing to remove that cap.  Flint Hills schools can have whatever you give me.  All other schools are capped at 4/event or what you give me at your place.

Awards will be given to the top 6 in each event, sweepstakes will be awarded to the top 3 schools.  Your entry fees are $5.00 per entry.

Finals are cumulative, sweepstakes are you picking your 20 (you may not count a student 3 times for sweepstakes, we will not count debate events or JV events this year for sweeps.).

We will also offer a JV sweepstakes trophy.  We will count your top 2 JV entries in every event, and give an award to the top school.

Please enter on  Please give me some TBA entries with a reasonable number to allow us to plan for judges.

Any questions?  Feel free to email me back!


Dustin Rimmey                                                                 Isabel Ashley


Director of Debate and Forensics                                       Tournament Director