Thomas Jefferson IE and NIETOC qualifier

2017 — Auburn, WA/US

Welcome to the home page for the Thomas Jefferson IE, Congress, and NIETOC qualifier. We pride ourselves in having an efficient and fun tournament that starts late (9am) and ends early (5pm), and we are always on time! This year we will offer NIETOC qualifying events in Oratory, DI, HI, and duo. We also offer traditional events impromptu, extemp, IR, expos, and Congress. Finally we offer spar and spoken word poetry.  This tournament is a district 3 qualifying tournament and typically has large numbers.

We will predraw all three rounds of IEs and, like last year, we will hand out blank ballots to all the competitors when they register. Following "Minnesota" style competitors will bring blank ballots to their judges when they enter the room and this year they will be able to pick up their ballots at the end of each round. Additionally we will put signs up on all the rooms so students can check in to each of their rounds early.

We look forward to seeing you!