North Allegheny

2017 — PA/US

You are invited to the North Allegheny tournament that will take place

January 14, 2017.

Events that are offered are the official National Speech and Debate Association events - Policy Debate, Big Questions Debate, Lincoln-Douglas Debate, Public Forum Debate, Congress, International Extemp, US Extemp, Original Oratory, Dramatic Interpretation of Literature, Humorous Interpretation of Literature, and Duo Interpretation of Literature, POI and Informative.  We are also offering parliamentary debate. Prose and poetry will be offered as one event in alternating rounds.

In extemp—We are going to draw for rounds 1 and 2 and the students will repeat their 1st round speech in 3rd round. 

We will merge HI and DI if our numbers are low. We will merge International and US if our numbers are low.

There is no limit to the number of students you can bring in each event. We will open a third building if needed.

We are not charging a fee for your students—UNLESS THEY DROP.   The drop fee is $10 per student. (Unfortunately, by not charging a registration fee, students may think that it is easy to drop from the tournament.  Schools should remind students that the drop fee will be imposed, and schools are still responsible for bringing judges based on the number of students originally registered, not by the number of students who actually come to the tournament). 

Judging requirements so that we can attempt to single flight as often as possible are as follows: In debate, the quota is one judge for two slots PLUS ONE. Speech is one for five, PLUS ONE)


Lincoln-Douglas, PF, Policy, Parlie and Big Question Debate:  2 judges for one or two entries3 judges for three or four, 4 judges for five or six PER EVENT
Congress / Speech 2 judges for 1 to 5, 3 judges for 6 to 10, 4 judges for 11 to 15



Note: Judges may be moved around to help the tournament move along

Enter students in preferential order. We drop students who don’t have the required judges at noon on 1/12.

REGISTRATION WILL BE ON Registration will close on January 12 at noon.  DO NOT CALL IN OR EMAIL YOUR REGISTRATION!  We will not take any registrations after January 12 at noon.. 


Directions to get to North Allegheny Senior High –

  • From the west or east – Take the PA turnpike (76) to the Cranberry Exit.  Proceed South on 19 for 7 miles.  The high school is on the right.  OR take Interstate 80 till 79 S.  Follow directions from the north.
  • From the north– Take 79 to the Wexford exit. Left at the end of the exit.  Follow 910 to the 19 Junction. Follow 19 S for about a mile.  The high school is on the right.
  • From the south – Take 79 to the Wexford exit. Right at the end of the exit.  Follow 910 to the 19 Junction. Follow 19 S for about a mile.  The high school is on the right.


The first two rounds of debate will be pre-scheduled.  Rounds after that are power-paired.  We have to single flight the four rounds, so meeting your judging requirements is a must.  Speech will have three random rounds and a final. 

** Schools with judges who release results or hold up the tournament are subject to disqualification.  We are hoping for five rounds in debate (except CX or those with very low enrollment.  There will be three rounds and a final in all speech events so our schedule is going to be tight.  **

Lunch tickets will be sold in the morning – plan for the lunches to cost $5.  The parents will have snacks for sale during the day.

Results after the tournament will be emailed to the district committee to post online.

Registration is from 7:30 – 8 a.m.  Extemp prep and debates start at 8:15.  Please call in drops on your way to the tournament to 412.298.1802.

Trophies are awarded for the following:

  • Congress – Presiding Officers, Outstanding and Superior Speakers for the day
  • Individual events and debate – top 5 or 6 in each. Events that have fewer than 10 entries will have awards for the top 3 (Right now, we are planning to only give 3 in parlie, policy, POI, Informative and Big Questions Debate. This may change based on registration).
  • Sweepstakes award based on each school’s top two individuals / teams in each event that has 4 or more school teams represented. You do not need to submit sweepstakes entries.


TAKE NOTE—We will have two shuttles to and from our Intermediate School.