2016 — VA/US

 Dear WACFL Coaches:


At last year’s Spring Coaches meeting and this year’s Fall Coaches meeting, coaches agreed that a single tournament in December with entry caps was preferred to splitting the events across 2 weekends so that everyone would have more time available for friends and family during the holiday season.


As was announced at the November tournaments, due to the number of entries we have been seeing this season, we will be capping entries for the December 10th tournament (aka The MEGA). Please note that this tournament also has a $5 per student per entry surcharge to defray the custodial costs of this tournament (this means that a duo entry is $10, a student entered in two speech events would be $5 for each event, a policy or PF team would be $10) in order to cover custodial fees due to the size of this tournament. This fee will be paid at registration - if you are paying by check, please make the checks out to WACFL..


 Here is how the caps will be handled:

·       Each school will be allowed 50 entries.

·       Within those 50 entries, a school can have no more than 14 entries in PF, Policy, LD or Congress. 

·       Double-entry will not be allowed in Speech.


 Example of a valid entry within the caps: 14 LD, 14 PF, 5 Policy, 6 Congress, 11 speech


***Please note: This means that if you have multiple coaches, you need to collaborate on the entry in order to stay within the school cap. All entries for a school should be contained in a single tabroom entry.***


If you have entries in excess of the above caps (including students you would like to double-enter in speech events), you will need to email me (bertrlh@aol.com) your waitlist with the students listed by event and in order of priority within the event area. Waitlists can ONLY be submitted by the coach & should be labeled with your school’s name in the subject of the email.


Also, please note that if the volume of entries we receive within the cap levels above end up still exceeding the capacity of the school, we may need to lower the caps. This determination will be made when registration closes on Wednesday, 12/7, at 9pm eastern. Please do not wait until the last minute to register.


A few other things to remember that are specific to registration:

·       Entering the tournament can ONLY be done by the COACH/Authorized Adult. We have had instances where coaches/authorized adults are unaware of who is entered for their school and if the students are abiding by the eligibility requirements of the events.


·       Judges MUST be trained and qualified to judge the events in which they have been entered to judge. If you have more entries than you have trained, qualified judges, then you either have to reduce your entries or train your judges. The solution is not to bring untrained judges – that is not fair as it impacts all of the other participants and significantly delays the tournament. If we discover through our interaction with a judge that they are not qualified, we reserve the right to: (1) drop the judge; (2) fine the school; and (3) require that entries that are then uncovered be dropped.


Thank you for your cooperation.

IMPORTANT: Registrations are only valid/accepted if they are done by the coach or authorized adult. If a registration is submitted by a student, the registration will be rejected.

Note that round pairings will be emailed and texted to Policy and Public Forum competitors and judges during the tournament, and ballots will be online. Therefore, all competitors and judges in those events must have Tabroom accounts linked to their team's rosters before the tournament begins. Laptops with WiFi access are recommended for judges.

Judge Tabroom Instructions: https://goo.gl/WwVphe

Coaches, please don't forget to check for and respond to requests for linking from students and judges (clicking "Permit" in Tabroom on the apropriate roster).

Public Forum Judge Guidelines: https://goo.gl/7ICqyi