Santa Fe High School Raider Regal Invitational

2016 — Alachua, FL/US

Greetings and Salutations! Thank you for considering participation in the 4th annual Raider Regal Invitational. We are new to Tabroom and have, hopefully, covered all of the information you require. If not, please feel free to contact our Tournament Director with any questions or concerns, Hunter Johnson via We greatly look forward to seeing you on December 3rd in beautiful Alachua, Fl. Until then!

The following is our tentative schedule: 

Santa Fe High School’s Raider Regal/SACFL #3

December 3, 2016 

Address: 16213 NW US HWY 441

School Contact: Chris Salamone -

League Contact: Marna Weston -

Tournament Director: Hunter Johnson -


Registration               7:30 to 8:00 a.m.


Round One                8:15am

Round Two                10:15

LUNCH                      12:00

Round Three              1:00

Round Four                3:00

AWARDS                   5:00


Round One                8:30am

Round Two                9:45am

Round Three             11:00am

LUNCH                      12:00pm

Round Four               12:45pm

Round Five                2:00pm

Elim Round*              3:30pm  (if necessary)        

Awards                     5:00


Extemp Draw             8:00am

Round One                8:30am

Extemp Draw             9:30am

Round Two                 10:00am

Lunch                        11:45am

Extemp Draw             12:30pm

Round Three              1:00pm

Extemp Draw             2:00pm

Round Four                2:30pm

Elim Round*               3:15pm  (if necessary)

AWARDS                    5:00pm


Session One               8:30am-10:00am

Session Two               10:15am-11:45pm

Lunch                        12:00pm

Session Three            12:30pm-2:00pm

Super Session            2:45pm-4:15pm         

Awards                      5:00


Entries are $10 per person per event AND $5 for each middle school event. 


Registration and Legislation Submission Deadline is Wednesday, November 30th.  One judge will be required for each four (4) IE competitors or two (2) Debate competitors. A ‘No Show’ on the day of the event will incur the original registration fees plus a $50 drop fee.