Ursa Major Copper Hills HS

2016 — UT/US

Dear Coaches,


We are excited to be hosting the 2nd Annual Ursa Major Tournament at Copper Hills High School on December 9-10, 2016.


There is a still a lot of space left and I want to encourage you to attend and bring a big squad. We have put no limits on the size of your entry but we will cap the tournament once it fills, and it will fill up!


Just a few quick reminders:


1.    All events compete both days

2.     Debate events (LD PF CX) will have six debates

3.     Congress will have five sessions (the docket will be released by Tuesday evening Nov 22) the fifth will be a bloodbath if necessary

4.    Speech will be in two panels

Panel A

Impromptu (Varsity and Novice)

National Extemp (Varsity and Novice)

Informative (open but we will award the top novice)

Interp- Both HI and DI (open but we will award the top novice)

POI- NSDA rules (open but we will award the top novice)


Panel B

International Extemp (Varsity and Novice)

SPAR (Varsity and Novice)

Oratory (Varsity and Novice)

DUO Interp (open but we will award the top novice)

Declamation (open but we will award the top novice)

Storytelling- the theme is “Fear” (open but we will award the top novice)

*****WE MADE CHANGES in the events from last year**********

5.    Multiple Entry is ONLY ALLOWED IN SPEECH CX, LD, PF, and congress competitor MAY NOT multiple enter

6.    Each Speech event will have 4 rounds

7.    There are no elimination rounds at this tournament

8.    We will defer to NSDA Rules for the format/time/standards for events

9.    There will be concessions

10.  There will be a triumphant return of the Ice Cream Social

11.               AWARDS

We give out a lot of awards but there is a special set of awards called the “Ursa Major” Awards. Here is how to earn them:

- Top Speaker (Novice CX, Varsity CX, Novice PF, Varsity PF)

- 1st Place (Novice LD, Varsity LD, Novice Congress, Varsity Congress)

- Speech Triathlon Winners we will take your top 3 events into account (Novice and Varsity)   

12. Sweeps

         We give two sizable sweepstakes awards

Ursa- “Quality” Most points per student (must have at least 15 entries)

Major- “Quantity” Total points earned

It is possible for one school to unite the trophies