Mankato East Classic Debate Tournament

2016 — MN/US

Mankato East / West High School Debate

Melanie M. Schmidt (Primary) Coach Contact

Matt Moore - Coach

Bob Ihrig - Coach


Phone: 507 -317 - 5386 (Melanie Cell)  

507-207-3044 (Melanie Office)

Fax:  507 - 387-4770 (Melanie Office Fax)



Dear Debate Coaches,


Mankato East  High School is pleased to be offering our invitational Classic Debate Tournament on Saturday, November 19, 2016. Please note that our meet will be held at Mankato East High School, located at 2600 Hoffman Road in the Mankato (hilltop) area.


Classic Debate:  We offer four divisions:  Varsity, JV, Novice A, and Novice B.  All debaters will debate:  

Resolved:  The United States should increase its military presence in the South China Sea in order to deter Chinese expansionism.


Judges:  You must provide one qualified judge for every two classic teams entered.  (If you bring 1-2 teams, you need 1 judge; 3-4 teams = 2 judges; 5-6 teams = 3 judges etc.).  The tournament will have a limited number of judges to hire at $80 per day.  If you would like to hire judges from us, please indicate that with your registration and add $80 per judge to your entry fees.  Be sure your judge request is approved.  Contact Melanie Schmidt at to discuss judge needs and how best to resolve.  


Registration:  Register at Mankato


Food:  We will serve pizza, hot dogs, beverages and a variety of snack items out of our concession stand.  Our judges will be treated to a complimentary breakfast and lunch.


Fees:  Attached is a form to calculate your fees and to submit for payment.  The cost is $15 per two-person team, with checks payable to Mankato East High School Debate


We look forward to hosting you at Mankato East on Saturday (November 19).



Melanie, Matt & Bob


2016 Mankato East Debate Tournament Fees


School  __________________________________


Coach  ___________________________________


Classic Debate


____ Classic debate teams @ $15  = _____


_____ Hired judges @ $80  (this must be _____

pre-arranged with the tournament host).  


TOTAL = _____

Return Payment To:


Melanie M. Schmidt

Mankato East  High School Phone: 507-317-5386 (cell) 507-207-3044 (office)

2600 Hoffman Road E-Mail:

Manakto, MN 56001 Fax:           (507)387-4770


--Please Make Checks Payable to Mankato East High School Debate


2016 Mankato East Debate Tournament Schedule

Registration will be held from 8:00-8:30 AM in the front entrance lobby (please enter through door # 1).


Registration: 8:00-8:30 AM


Classic Debate:

Round 1 9:00

Round 2 10:15

Lunch Break 11:15-12:15

Round 3 12:15

Round 4 1:30

Awards 3:15 (Cafeteria)

Departure 3:30 PM