South Anchorage High School DDF Tournament

2017 — Anchorage, AK/US

Welcome to the South Anchorage High Wolverines DDF Tournament.  


You may use tabroom to enter your competitors or email/fax me the entries. Entries due by Monday evening.  Excom will be listed as four entries but there are slots for wait listed students in this event. 

I will accept no new entries after Tuesday, October 24 at Noon.  Drops as soon as you are aware that these are happening.

We will ask each coach to nominate a costumed student to represent them in a quick Project Runway parade on the Commons Step between rounds on Saturday.  In addition, there will be three "People's Choice" Costume Awards based on student voting...each student will be permitted one vote using their school ID on their pre-printed ballot.

We anticipate a some real levity during the tournament on Saturday and are happy to hear that many competitors are happily participating in the costume portion of the tournament.  Coaches are also permitted to join in the fun with their own costumes.  

Judges!  Judges!  Judges!  We certainly will need judges and appreciate any judges you can provide.

Thanks for joining us....The Three Guardians of the Darkside...Maria Skala, Amy Utley and Karen Sundberg.