Yankton Last Chance Novice Debate

2016 — Yankton, SD/US

The full invitation can be downloaded from a tab on the right of the screen. We will follow the following schedule.

Schedule: 3:15 Registration in YCAH (Mini-Theater).

        3:30 General meeting in Commons.

• We dismiss school at 3:25 so please schedule your arrival to avoid the rush

• Please have the bus drop you and your students off in the faculty parking lot. (Tell the bus driver to continue past the activities lot that he or she usually parks in, or if one wants to be really technical, drive to back of the building and keep going until you run out of parking lots.)

• We will have someone stationed at DOOR NUMBER 36 to let you and your students into the building.

• We will not have a concession stand available. (Sorry)

Public Forum and LD: Public Forum and LD will follow standard competition times.  Final Focus is 2 minutes.

The NSDA December PF  topic is to be debated 12/13. LD will use the November/December Resolution.

3:45 Round 1

4:35Round 2

5:25 Round 3

6:15Round 4

7:05Awards in COMMONS

Policy Debate – all novice topic limits should be adhered to.

Time Limits: Constructive speeches – 7 minutes, except the 1AC remains 8 minutes

Cross-examination – 2 minutes

Rebuttals – 4 minutes

Prep time – 5 minutes

Schedule 3:45 Round 1

5:00Round 2

6:15 Round 3

7:20Awards in Commons