Lewis and Clark Interp Invitational

2016 — SD/US



YHS would like to invite you to the 16th  Annual YHS Fall Oral Interpretation Festival on October 29, 2016. 

The following SDHSAA events will be offered: Non-Original Oratory, Serious Reading, Storytelling, Poetry Reading, Humorous Reading, Duet Interpretation, and Reader’s Theatre.


We are trying to keep expenses to a minimum because of everyone’s budget constraints.   The entry fees will  be $3 per student in all individual events. Duo is $6 per entry, and Readers Theater will be $8.


Students may double enter.  Please do not triple enter a student.  It is impossible to schedule a triple entered student and run the festival on time.


The time schedule will be:


            8:00 -- 8:30                  Registration

            8:30                             General Meeting

            8:45                             Round I

            10:00                           Round II

            11:15                           Round III

12:30-12:45                  Final Rounds Where Necessary

Awards will be held immediately following the final rounds. 

Please provide one judge for every five entries. There are a VERY limited number of judges available for $60.00 per judge. Tournament hired judges are available on a first come, first served basis. Please contact us as soon as possible.All entry forms are due on Wednesday October 26, 2016 by 4:30 pm.  Please call in any changes as soon as possible.  Our school phone is 605-665-2073 and/or school fax 605-655-5948.  Leo’s cell is 660-1886.