Claremont Wolfcub Middle School Tournament

2017 — CA/US

Hello Speech and Debate Coaches,

Please accept our cordial invitation to Claremont High School’s WolfCub Invitational, a premier competition opportunity for middle school and upper elementary-age students (Grades 5-8). We look forward to hosting your team and providing a great Saturday of competition. Below you will find all of the specific details relating to the tournament. If you have any questions, please contact me via email at: We are pleased to be able to provide complementary lunch and dinner for all competitors, coaches, and active judges.  Additional items will be available for purchase at our snack bar.

Events and Divisions

We will offer 2 patterns. Students may enter one event in Pattern A (Debate/Congress) and up to two events in Pattern B (Speech) with the following exception: A student entering Extemporaneous or SPAR may only enter one Pattern B event.

Double Entry

Students may enter up to three events; consisting of one debate event and two speech events. Exceptions: A student entering Extemporaneous or SPAR, may only enter one event in the speech pattern; but may still enter one debate event.

Pattern A Events


1.  Public Forum Debate:  We will use the April PF topic and NSDA rules, except that sides will be set by computer and Pro will speak first in all rounds.

Resolved:        The United States ought to replace the Electoral College with a direct national                                                     popular vote

2.  Lincoln-Douglas Debate:  We will use the January/February LD Topic and NSDA rules.

Resolved:        Public colleges and universities in the United States ought not restrict any                                                             constitutionally protected speech.

3.  WolfCub Spontaneous Parliamentary Debate:  We will use our own unique hybrid of CHSSA and MSPDP Parli. Teams may consist of either 2 or 3 debaters.  We will release topic areas on April 1st so the students can prepare.  Specific resolutions for each round will be released 20 minutes prior to the round.  During the 20 minutes of preparation time, students may consult any printed research they have on the topic area.  We will use a controlled prep room with colored paper.  During the round, debaters may only consult their notes on the provided color paper.  Debaters will be released from the prep room after 20 minutes and debates should begin within 5 minutes.  Points of Information (POIs) may be requested at any time during the constructive speeches.  Appropriate heckling is allowed. 

Prop 1st Constructive  5 minutes

Opp 1st Construction  5 minutes

Prop 2nd Constructive  5 minutes

Opp 2nd Constructive  5 minutes

Opp Rebuttal  3 minutes

Prop Rebuttal  3 minutes


Wolfcub 2017 Parliamentary Debate Topic Areas

Teams should research these topic areas prior to the tournament.  The actual resolutions will be released 20 minutes prior to each round.  Teams may consult their research during the 20 minute prep time.  During the round, teams may only use the notes created during prep.

1) United States Election System

2) Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

3) United States - Japanese Military Cooperation

4) Physician Assisted Suicide

5) Genetically Modified Organisms


6) United States - Russian Nuclear Proliferation



4.  Student Congress:  We will follow California rules/guidelines. There will be no presiding officer contest, or a requirement to bring presiding officers.  We are offering a Middle School Division (7-8) and an Elementary Division (5-6).  Legislation will be released on April 1st

Pattern B Events

In Speech, we are offering:  Oratory, Extemporaneous, Impromptu, Dramatic Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Prose/Poetry Interpretation, Declamation, SPAR, and Storytelling. We will follow NSDA guidelines for the Middle School Speech events. SPAR will use Stanford format and guidelines.  Students may enter up to two speech events in Pattern B.  (Exception:  SPAR and Extemporaneous may only single enter in Pattern B events.)

Awards and Recognition

Awards will be given to all Speech and Congress finalists. The top 8 teams/competitors in each debate division will receive awards unless the entry field is fewer than 16. In this instance, we will award the top 4 in those divisions.

Entry Procedure and Fees

All tournament entry will be handled through the site: The deadline to add entries on the website will be Thursday, April 20th at 11:00 pm. Any “Adds” after this deadline may be considered via email (

Drops may be made online or emailed without penalty until 3:00 pm Friday, April 21st. Any drops after this second deadline will still be charged the regular entry fee. The website will remain open for drops and name-changes until Friday, April  21st at 3:00 PM. Changes after this deadline must be made at Registration on Saturday morning.

Entry fees must be paid in full at registration by the coach or adult in charge.

Make checks payable to: CHS-ASB

School Fee:                               $25.00

Each Student in Attendance:     $50.00 (Includes entry in up to 3 events, lunch, dinner, Ice Cream Social)


Online Information will contain all information for the tournament including schedule, campus map, and the Invitation document itself. Congress bills and Parli topic areas will be posted on April 1, 2017.


Schools must provide one judge for every three (3) entries in debate, and one judge for every six (6) entries in Congress or Speech.  A single judge may cover both debate and speech entries, but this these judges must be prepared to judge all day.  High School students may judge. Please note that student judges should be mature 11th or 12th grade students with forensics competition experience. Schools may choose to purchase judge commitments at a rate of $100 per hired judge. Due to our generously low judge requirement, Judges who are entered should be willing to take any ballot that they are assigned. In emergency situations, every coach of record should be willing to judge if needed.




To reach Claremont HS exit the 10 Fwy at Indian Hill Blvd. and travel North. About two miles north, after crossing Foothill Blvd., Claremont HS will be on the left side. Or, exit the 210 Frwy at Baseline and travel west on Baseline to Indian Hill Blvd. Turn left on Indian Hill Blvd. The high school will be on the right side. There is adequate, but limited parking in the main lot. Registration will be in the teacher’s lounge (800 Quad). Judges’ room will be in the Library.


Saturday, April 22nd

7:30am – 8:00am                     Registration in Teacher’s Lounge/800 Quad for all events

8:30am                                    PF/LD/Parli Rd. 1                               Congress Rd. 1

9:30am                                    PF/LD/Parli Rd. 2

10:00am                                                                                              Congress Rd. 2 

10:30am                                  PF/LD/Parli Rd. 3                              

11:30-12:30                            Lunch (Free to all in attendance)                                        

12:00 noon                                                                                          Congress Rd. 3

12:30pm                                  PF/LD/Parli Rd. 4 (Elim)       

1:30pm                                    PF/LD/Parli Rd. 5 (Elim)                    Congress Finals                      

2:30pm                                    PF/LD/Parli Rd. 6 (Elim)                                                                                           

3:30pm                                    Speech Round. 1

4:30pm                                   Debate Awards

5:00pm                                    Speech Round. 2

6:00pm                                   Dinner Break (Free to all in attendance)

6:30pm                                    Speech Round. 3

7:30pm                                   Ice Cream Social (Free to all in attendance)


8:00pm(or earlier!)                Speech Awards