The Tradition

2016 — Weston, FL/US

Please see the attached invitation. 

We hope to see you in Sunny Florida this October!


Extemp Topic Areas

United States Extemp

  1. Reagan's Dreams and Nightmares: the US Economy.

  2. What we just can't get right: US Fopo

  3. #CulturalInsensitivityIsNotFunny: DOSO

  4. 1-800-2HOTlinebling: Environment

  5. The Greatest Circus on Earth: The first 100 days

  6. Semis: To secede or not secede: States

  7. Finals: I’m Sorry: Hypotheticals. 

Internation Extemp

  1. What Keeps Dragi up at night: Euro Econ

  2. United against Corruption: African leaders

  3. The Blueprint for success: Asia enviro

  4. Soccer or Futból?: Latin Social

  5. The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly: NAFTA/North America
  6. Semis: Y’all need to chill: Antarctica
  7. Finals: We’re really sorry: Hypothetical Triads. 

Impromptu Topic Areas 


2.Music Lyrics



5. Fairy Tales 

Semis: memes 

Finals: Dice

Semis Legislation Packet: