Marist Scrimmage Series 1

2016 — GA/US
The first Marist Scrimmage will be September 28, 2016.  We look forward to seeing your novices come for some great practice rounds!
Arrival Times
Our goal is to start at 4:15pm, so plan on arriving around 4:00pm.  You can park in the main lot wherever you want.  We will be meeting in the Cafeteria (underneath the Chanel Building- the building on stilts).  Text me if you think a team may be running a bit late.
4:15pm - Debate Round 1
5:45pm - Dinner 
6:15pm - Debate Round 2
Please bring enough judges to cover your entries.  If we have enough judges, we may even have two per panel (your own kids can judge your own teams, but we'll avoid it when possible).
You can change your teams up to 12:00pm Thursday - during lunch I plan on making the pairings.
The fees are $2 per student to cover the dinner which will probably be pizza.