The Meadows Invitational

2016 — NV/US

You are cordially invited to The Meadows School’s Invitational Tournament, October 28th – 30th, 2016. We will provide competition in Varsity Policy and Lincoln Douglas debate on the 2016 Policy topic and the Sept/Oct 2016 LD topic.


There is no entry deadline – we will accept entrants until we are full. Fees will be frozen on Oct 17th; entries that drop after that time will still be obligated to pay entry fees. We can accommodate up to approximately 56 teams and 76 LDers.  Entry will be through the site. Hired judge requests must be sent to by Sept 16th. We must receive payment for hired judges prior to Sept 30th. Directions, announcements and judging preference instructions will be sent out in the weeks prior to the tournament through


Both Divisions will consist of six preliminary debates. We will break to at least Octofinals. Power matching in Policy will be based on Wins, High Low Points + Opponents Wins, Total Points and Judge Variance. Rounds  Three through Six will be matched High Low within brackets. (These are subject to change due to technology consultation). Up to 16 teams/debaters in policy with winning records will advance to elimination rounds. Up to 32 debaters in LD with winning records will advance to elimination rounds.