4th annual Mukai College Classic at Weber State

2016 — UT/US

Tournament Website:  http://www.valmukai.com/ 


20th Val Browning Round Robin

September 28th-29th 

4th Mukai College Classic

October 1st-3rd


Dear Colleagues:

Please join us for the 20th annual Val Browning Round Robin and the 4th annual Mukai College Classic. 

The 20th Val field will be limited to 8 teams, and will form a single pod.  Please register by entering your team on tabroom.com by August 10th.  Teams will be automatically waitlisted until the field is announced.  The Committee will inform applicants by Aug 15th as to the acceptance of your team.  The selection committee is:  Deven Cooper (CSU-Long Beach), Toya Green (CSU-Fullerton), and Ben Hagwood (Liberty University).  The Val is hosted at the Ogden Marriott.

The 4th annual Mukai has no entry limits, and will have all three division of competition available for our guests:  varsity, junior varsity, and novice.  Mukai prelims are hosted on our main campus, the elimination rounds are hosted at the Ogden Marriott.


Top 10 reasons to come to the Val & Mukai Swing:


1.  Cheap Entry Fees:  

Val:   $100 per person.  

Mukai: $60 per person. Novices are free. New programs that qualify under CEDA's guidelines receive 50% fee reduction.


2.  Cheap Hotel:

Val & Mukai: $89/night Ogden Marriott booking link www.valmukai.com


3.  Cheap Transport:

$15 light rail from SLC to Ogden Marriott.  One very brief transfer.  Arrive a couple blocks from Ogden Marriott.  We’ll bus you from the hotel to campus.


4.  Low Food costs:

Your entry fees include 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, and 1 dinner for the two days of preliminary competition at both the Val and the Mukai.  The few times you have to eat out on your own dime, you will be impressed by the quality and affordability of our many dining options.


5.  Free parking on campus, in a dedicated lot, close to our buildings:

Or just ride the bus.  Either way, no getting lost on our campus.  Also, even though we are at 4250 feet, our campus is mostly level and fully compliant with all Federally required accommodation mandates.


6.  State of the art facilities in close proximity – with little to no walking:

You can and should go outside because the weather will be beautiful and the mountains are gorgeous, but you probably don’t have to:  your next debate is just down that hall. 


7.  Dr. Adam Symonds (A.S.U.) tabbing both tournaments.

Weber State is very grateful for Adam’s continued supporting of tab room excellence in the West.


8.  Internet you can count on.

Dedicated SSID from our great tech team at Weber State.  Every time.


9.  Great awards and a proud tournament tradition.

Due to the generosity of the Browning and Keystone foundations, we are able to offers very nice awards for top speakers and elimination round competitors.  Many of our previous competitors have gone on to incredible accomplishments in their competitive and coaching careers.


10.  An experienced hosting team at your service.

We’re excited you are coming to Ogden, we’ll make sure to provide any and all travel assistance to make sure you and your students have a great trip to Utah – whether this is your first trip to Ogden or you are a seasoned traveler of the West.


Tournament Procedures:


Deadlines:  Val entries will be announced on August 15th.  Mukai entries must be finalized by Monday the 26th of September, 2016.


We will debate the 2016-2017 Cross Examination Debate Association annual resolution (specific wording not presently available).


Tournament Procedures: We’d like to especially encourage folks to bring their Novice and JV debaters to our tournament. We will not break brackets. Hybrid teams are permitted. Prior to the tournament, maverick entries are NOT accepted. Once the tournament begins, maverick situations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. 


The tournament employs the 9-3-6 format with ten minutes of preparation time allocated to each team. We continue to employ a mutual preference judging (MPJ) placement system.


Weber State teams may compete in the tournament. If so, they are eligible to receive speaker awards and to compete in elimination rounds. We will enter via tabroom and declare our participation publicly. 


We subscribe to CEDA’s policy against Sexual Harassment and Discrimination. 


Judging: Each judge will be required to declare one and only one and one and only one loser in each debate to which they are assigned by the tab room. 


Judges will also be required to assign speaker points and speaker ranks to each participant in the debate. In each debate, speakers are rated on a scale of 1- 30, including tenths of a point, with no ties. Speaker ranks are accepted in whole numbers only from 1 to 4. 


Judges are also required to render a decision in accordance with the aforementioned criteria no more than 2.5 hours beyond the designated start time of any debate that they are assigned by the tab room to adjudicate. 


Judges are expected to disqualify themselves from hearing any team or school with which they may have a personal or professional conflict. Conflicts may be entered in the comments section of the judge entry section at www.debateresults.com. 


Illness: Please don’t bring sick debaters to the tournament, as we’d like to avoid spreading illness across schools. 


Tournament Schedule:  Will be posted at the tournament website, www.valmukai.com


This Fall, please join us in Ogden for a great time.