Central Valley Bear Brawl

2016 — Spokane, WA/US

Welcome to the Central Valley Bear Brawl registration site. You can find our tournament information and invitation at https://sites.google.com/site/cvhsthew/cvbb.


We are pleased to once again offer bids to both the TOC and NIETOC tournaments. Students entered in the Open divisions of Policy, Lincoln Douglas, Public Forum, and Congressional debate will be eligible for Tournament of Champions bids. Finalists in LD/PF/CX will receive bids. The top six congressional competitors will receive bids. NIETOC bid levels will vary based upon entries in each bid event. In open level debate events, we will attempt to clear all entries with winning records; however, due to schedule limitations we will break up to a double-octafinals in LD and PF, and up to an octafinal in Policy.


Please read invitation information thoroughly. You are responsible for following the invitation guidelines. If you are from out of state, please remember that Washington State requires students to be supervised by a coach or other school-sponsored adult at all times; however, an alternate supervisor may be used. Alternate supervision forms may be found on the tournament website.


Events and divisions offered are listed below. Please consult the invitation website for all other relevant tournament information, including fees, deadlines, schedules, hotel suggestions, topics, event rules, and more.


Debate Events


Lincoln Douglas

Public Forum















Speech Events

Dramatic Interp (Open)

Duo Interp (Open)

Expository (Open, Novice)

Extemporaneous (Open, Novice)

Humorous Interp (Open)

Impromptu (Open, Novice)

Oral/Interp Reading (Open, Novice)

Original Oratory (Open, Novice)

Editorial Commentary (Open, Novice)


Original Performance (Open)


*Divisions marked with an asterisk are bid qualifying divisions.