2016 — CA/US


In order to compete in any CHSSA State Qualifying tournament, a student must have fully competed in at least one of the three regular-season OCSL tournaments (Novice, Fall, and/or Spring). Schools must be current with both CHSSA State Dues & OCSL League dues.  Any questions regarding CHSSA or OCSL Dues should be directed to OCSL President Brittney Marques - email link on the right of this page. 


Scripts & Cover Sheets:

Scripts & Cover Sheets are due to Brittney Marques by Sat., Feb. 6th. They can be turned in at the OCSL Parli/Congress qualifier at Sonora, or can be mailed (email submissions are NOT allowed) to the following address:

Brittney Marques

Esperanza High School

1830 N Kellogg Dr

Anaheim, Ca 92807

Cover sheets can be found on the CHSSA website - http://www.cahssa.org/state_tournament/coversheets

Double Entering:

Students are allowed to enter 2 events in the Friday Pattern (Duo, Expos, IX, NX, OPP, & TI), and 2 events in the Saturday pattern (DI, HI, OI, IMP, OA, OO). That means a student could possibly enter up to 4 events over the course of the weekend. However, students CANNOT enter both NX & IX.



Judges will be obligated for both Friday & Saturday, but coaches can mix & match judges to cover their obligations - e.g. one person cover Friday rounds and a different person cover the Saturday rounds of the same obligation.  To do this, enter each judge separately, and then click on the "All Rounds" text on their line under "Availabitly." Then change the "Yes" box to "Unavialble" on the line for the time period (e.g. "No Fri" or "No Sat PM") you wish to make them unavailale. However, if any part of an obligation is not covered (e.g. have a Fri & Sat AM judge, but no one for Sat PM), the school will be charged $50 to cover a partial paid judge obligation. 



All events will be guaranteed 3 preliminary rounds. Events with 18 entries or more will advance the top 14 to a semifinal round, followed by a final round of 7 competitors. Events with fewer than 18 entries will break directly to a final round of 7. Events that break directly to a final round will contest that final during the scheduled semifinal round of their event group (Fri Pattern or Sat Pattern). Events with enough entries to have a semifinal will contest their final rounds concurrently at the scheduled time. Determination of breaks and final placings will be cumulative – taking into account all ranks/points earned throughout the tournament – with each judge counting as an individual score in semis & finals. Each prelim round will have 1 judge, each semifinal round 3 judges, and final rounds 5 judges.



Number of qualifiers:

DI=4, HI=4, TI=3, OI=3, Duo=3, OPP=4, EXPOS=3, IMP=4, IX=4, NX=4, OA=3, OO=4