Georgiana Hays Invitational

2016 — CA/US

The Prospect High School Speech and Debate Team cordially invites you to the fifth annual Georgiana Hays Debate Invitational at Prospect High School, Saratoga. Georgiana Hays was an English teacher and debate coach who led Prospect’s forensics program to nationals twice during her tenure. At a tournament hosting some of the finest debaters in the nation, it is only fitting that her name should grace the trophy.


The Hays Invitational will be held all day on Saturday, May 14, 2016. Students will have the opportunity to compete in Parliamentary and Public Forum debate, in either the Open or Novice divisions. Additionally, middle and homeschooled students are more than welcome to attend. 

Note : The tournament schedule can be found below the Key Rules.


1. Parliamentary will loosely follow CHSSA rules. Points of Information are permitted (at speaker's discretion) in the constructive speeches except during the first and last minute of each speech. Points of Order are allowed in the final speeches. The speaking times are 7PM-7LO-7MG-7MO-5LO-5PM. Laptops (and coaches) may be used during prep, but not in-round. Parliamentary will have 20 minutes of prep time prior to each round.


2. Public Forum will follow NFL rules. The April resolution will be used in all rounds. The use of laptops is allowed during prep, but not during rounds.  Speech times: 4A1-4N1-31CX-4A2-4N2-32CX-2A1-2N1-3GCX-2A2-2N2 


3. The first round will be randomly paired. The next four rounds will be power-matched. 


4. The tournament will be single-flighted unless there are not enough rooms available to permit doing so. In that case, we will use a double-flight schedule. Depending on the amount of novice teams registered, we reserve the right to collapse divisions. If this is the case, novice teams will be paired with each other for as long as possible, and will still have their own finals round.


5. The two finalist teams will be determined by their prelim records for the first five rounds. After the awards ceremony, the two highest seeded teams will have a sixth finals round.


6. During online registration, schools will be required to register their judges by name. One corresponding judge will be required for every two teams, rounding up (eg if five teams are entered, three judges will be required).


7. Judges must remain on campus for all five rounds, and sign in prior to each round. A failure to do so may result in penalties to affiliated schools.


8. The top two teams and speakers in each division receive awards. All participants earn NFL points. POI points will be awarded in Parliamentary debate.




7-7:45am: Registration (Room 30)

8:00-8:20: Round 1 Topic Announcement and Prep Time

8:20-9am: Round 1

10:00-10:20am: Round 2 Topic Announcement and Prep Time

10:20-11:00am: Round 2 

12:00-1:00pm: Lunch

1:00-1:20pm: Round 3 Topic Announcement and Prep Time

1:20-2:00pm: Round 3 

2:30-2:50pm: Round 4 Topic Announcement and Prep Time

2:50-3:30pm: Round 4 

4:30-4:50pm: Round 5 Topic Announcement and Prep Time (Hidden Finals)

4:50-5:30pm: Round 5 (Hidden Finals)

6:00pm: Awards








____ School fee X 1 = $25

(NOTICE : There appears to be a problem with Tabroom in applying the school fee, so you may see a subtraction on your invoice titled "Fixed school fee" which serves to fix this)

____ Number of Parli/Public Forum entered X $40 = _____


Judge Penalties

____ Parli/Public Forum uncovered X $100 = _____


Drop/Late add fees (after 5/10)

____ number of teams X $25 = _____


Please make checks out to Prospect Speech and Debate.

The helpdesk phone number to text or call during the tournament is (408)-800-PHS0. Text if possible but call in case of an emergency.

If you have any questions, please email or