Parli Winter Workshop 2015

2016 — CA/US

Dear Parliamentary Debate Community,

We are incredibly excited to announce the Third Annual Parli Winter Workshop.

The workshop will take place January 30 through January 31 (10AM – 6PM)* at Notre Dame High School. Further information and registration instructions can be found here: 

This two-day crash course will focus on preparing you for the big upcoming tournaments – 8 x4, the State Qualifiers, the Tournament of Champions, and the State Tournament. Come on down to get a first-rate debate education from some of the best minds in Parli, including:

Artem Raskin, the illustrious founder of POI.

Sarah Botsch-McGuinn, the esteemed coach of Notre Dame.

Armand Domalewski, the man who has coached legendary teams like Dougherty Valley and Evergreen Valley.

Whether you’re just starting your career or looking for that extra competitive edge, the Winter Workshop is the place for you. All middle school and high school students are welcome!

We’ll cover economics, international relations, domestic policy, and everything else you’ll need to dominate the upcoming tournaments. Some of the best coaches in Parli will teach you to become some of the best debaters in Parli.


Let’s do this, Parli.


*Please disregard the dates on this page.  Use the information on the website (