Gig Harbor Speechfest

2015 — WA/US




            Your squad is invited to the 33rd annual Gig Harbor Speech Festival, Thursday, December 17th, 2015. We offer some unusual interp events as well as most of the normal speech events along with SPAR we WILL NOT be offering Public Forum Debate or Congress this year. Read the invitation carefully as the rules and events vary somewhat from our usual tournament events and rules. All events are open division, but we encourage novices to try their hands at any event. We will be using to handle registrations this year. Please go to, log in or create an account and follow the instructions to register by Tuesday, December 15th at 3:00 PM. Fees will be set at that time. Tabroom will allow drops until Wednesday evening at 8:00 PM. After that please email them to


TIME SCHEDULE:  Three IE rounds with no finals. All events conflict and are open division.

                                    Registration: 2:30-3:00

3:30 Round 1 IE’s – Ext Interp posted at 3:15

4:45 Round 2 IE’s – Ext Interp posted at 4:30,

6:00 Round 3 IE’s – Extemp Interp posted at 5:45

7:30 Awards


AWARDS:  Superior awards will be given to the top students in each event.


FEES:  $30 school entry fee, $10 per individual events and $15 per dual team


JUDGING:  One judge for every five (5) IE entries—Adult judges only. Please bring judges! We do our best to find extras, but we rarely have enough to cover for schools that are short. If you need to hire a judge, please let me know as early as possible, and I will do my best to meet those needs.


LIMITATIONS: Open division only.  No more than 20 IE entries per school.

No more than 9 entries in an event—students may double enter at their own risk--the tournament is not responsible for missed rounds.  Schools may enter a second squad if needed by paying a second school fee.  


INTERP READING—a scripted program using one or more pieces of prose AND one or more pieces of poetry around a theme.  Author(s), title(s), and theme must be stated.  Time: eight (8) minutes with 30 seconds grace.


EXPOSITORY—a speech to inform. No more than 150 quoted words may be used. Visual aids may be used and notes may be used.  Time: eight (8) minutes with 30 seconds grace.


ORATORYa speech to persuade. No more than 150 quoted words may be used. Time: ten minutes (10) minutes with 30 seconds grace.


DUAL INTERPcontestants may choose their material from prose, poetry, or drama.  Contestants may use one or more selections. Delivery must be from memory; props, costumes, and make-up are not permitted.  Time: ten (10) minutes with 30 seconds grace.



ORIGINAL POETRY—a scripted program containing one or more poems, which are the original work of the contestant.  The program development rests with the contestant.  Content of the presentation should be rated higher than speaking ability.  Material representing everything bad about poetry (strained rhyme and meter, sentimentality, etc.) should be avoided. Time: five (5) minutes with 30 seconds grace.


MEMORIZED INTERP—a serious or humorous program of one or more selections of prose, poetry, or drama.  Presentation must be from memory. Props, costumes, make-up are not permitted. Time: ten (10) minutes. Please indicate if the student is dramatic or humorous .We will split into two events if the entries warrant it. Time limit is 10 minutes with 30 seconds grace.


EXTEMPORANEOUS INTERP—contestant will be given two choices each round and will choose one to present. The contestant will have 30 minutes to prepare an introduction and develop his/her presentation.  Students may edit the script. Time: five (5) minutes with 30 seconds grace. Past contests have had one round of poetry, one of drama, and one of prose.


STORY BOOK INTERP—the contestant is asked to read a child’s storybook of his/her choice.  The contestant will be seated and must have the book in hand.  Display of the book’s pictures or characters rests with the contestant.  Time: five (5) minutes with 30 seconds grace.


IMPROMPTUcontestants will be given a choice of topics (a word, a quotation, a current event).  The student will choose a topic and have six minutes to prepare and speak on the chosen topic. Time may be used in any manner the speaker chooses (example-2 minutes prep and 4 speaking or 4 minutes prep and 2 minutes speaking). Time: six (6) minutes with 30 seconds grace.


SPONTANEOUS ARGUMENT (SPAR)—Students will draw two topics and choose one to debate with minimal preparation. They will be topics that can be debated based on common knowledge. Debaters will be judged on the quality of their argumentation and presentation. More detailed information about the format will be placed on


Bridge Tolls

Please be aware that there is a toll for the return trip.


If you need help with registration, please email me at for help. You can also call at (253) 530-1476 for help or with last minutes changes.


Checks or P.O.s can be sent to

GHHS Debate

Gig Harbor HS

5101 Rosedale St NW

Gig Harbor WA 98335