Soledad Speech Spectacular

2015 — CA/US

Dear Colleagues,

It is my pleasure to invite you to the first annual Soledad Speech Spectacular Invitational to be held on Saturday, December 5th 2015 at Soledad High School. 

It is our hope that our later registration time and tight schedule allow most schools to depart and return home around the time they usually do. The entire community of Soledad is excited to host you for a day of fun and competition. If you have any questions see our more detailed invitational posted on, or feel free to email me directly at


Students may double enter in each flight, with the exception of Extemp, in which they may only double enter in Pattern B. Students entered in three or more events are eligible for our triathlon award. The top five students in triathlon will be recognized at awards. Should a student be entered in four events, their three best scores will be counted. 

Judges and Fees: 

Please bring 1 judge for every 5 enteries or portion thereof. 

$8.00 per entry, duo counts as one entry. There is no extra charge to enter the triathlon. 


A: Expo, OI, DI, Duo, USX, IX

B: TI, OPP, HI, OO, OA, Imp


8:15 - 8:50: Registration 

09:15: A1 

10:45: B1

12:15: A2

1:45: B2

3:00: A-Semifinals 

4:00: B-Semifinals

5:00: A-Finals

6:00: B-Finals