SFR Novice After School

2015 — SD/US
Small change this year.  I want to avoid making a bunch of changes at the last second due to drops and no shows etc.  Therefore, I am going to keep registration open on until 3:25 on Tuesday.  That means—you will be responsible for dropping any late no shows or drops.  If this time passes, please contact me at (605) 381-0118.
There will also be left over concessions from sweetstakes.  We have limited chips, diet pepsi, and water available for $1.00
One more quick note—home base for the kids is the cafeteria.  Please direct your students to go there for registration.
When: Tuesday November 17, 2015
Entries: First year debaters.  Mavericks and teams of 3 are acceptable.
Entry Fees: None
Supervision: Please help direct students in between debates to get them to their next round on time.
Judges: One competent judge for every two teams. You may use high school Varsity debaters who will listen and write clear, constructive ballots. Please make sure that the judges you bring for each debate event can effectively judge that event.  Also make a comment when judges can judge multiple events (although do not put the same judge in multiple events).
Policy Time Limits:   Constructive speeches – 7 minutes
                                     Cross-examination – 2 minutes
                                     Rebuttals – 4 minutes
                                     Prep time – 5 minutes
Public Forum and LD Time Limits: NSDA Time limits will be used.
Awards: Undefeated entries in LD and Policy—3-1 (or better) in PF.
3:30     Registration in the Cafeteria
3:25     Entries Due
3:45     Round 1
4:55     Round 2
6:05     Round 3
7:30     Awards in the Cafeteria
PF Schedule
3:45 Round 1
4:30 Round 2
5:15 Round 3
6:00 Round 4
Policy Resolution: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially curtail its domestic surveillance.

  • Government Surveillance Drones
  • Require specific warrants for all electronic surveillance
  • Curtail the physical surveillance of Muslim Communities.

Public Forum and LD Resolutions:  We will use the November topic for PF and the November December Topic for LD.​​
Luke Cumbee
Director of Debate
Roosevelt High School