Electric City Debates

2015 — PA/US

Welcome to the 2015 Electric City Debates.  You will find the invitation over to the right.  Please read the complete invitation and take note of a few changes.

2015 Noteworthy Changes:

1) New Location:  Saturday and Sunday rounds will be held at Northeast Intermediate School rather than Scranton or West Scranton High School's.

2) Fee Structure Change:  I've done away with school fees.  Instead, I've changed the fee structure to account for a team fee (to cover administrative costs and awards) and a per person fee (to cover the costs of meals).  The per person fee includes all persons you have on site at the Electric City Debates.  Students, Coaches, Chaperones, Bus Drivers, Parents, etc should all be included in your final count.  Students will receive 2 lunches + 1 dinner.  Judges, Coaches, Parents, etc will receive 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner.  I'm aiming to negotiate a 2nd dinner on Sunday evening for all teams competing in elimination rounds.   This provides you 3-4 meals over the course of the weekend at an extremely reasonable rate.  The alternative to this structure would be having 1 team fee + school fee.  I felt in the end administratively for both of us the per person fee is more suitable for budgeting purposes.

3) SAT Location:  It's still Scranton High School.  All relevant information is in the invitation.

4) Tournament Hotel:  The Radisson Lackawanna Station will again be providing lodging for the event.  Room block information is located in the invitation.

5) Round Robin Applications:  We'll be continuing our Round Robin partnership with the University of Pittsburgh William Pitt Debating Union.  9 highly competitive teams from around the United States will be invited to participate in the event.  If you have a team interested in applying, please email me their competitive record from this year and I'll review it.

If you have questions or concerns, please email electriccity.invitational@gmail.com


Brian Manuel

Scranton High School 00'

Tournament Director

Electric City Debates