CHSSA Simulation Tournament

2019 — CA/US

This is merely a simulation of the new proposed by-law changes that would bring parity to debate events at CHSSA at 64 entries per division.

60+ Simulations were run - at least 15 per division

Please see the results tab to check each division.

Tiebreakers used for simulation

1. Ballots

2. Wins

3. Opponent Seed (Opponent seed is the arithmetic sum of the Seed position of all debated opponents. Each individual Opponent's seed position is based on their own Ballot count, and then separated by their own wins). This should be sufficient to simulate tiebreakers 1-4 as indicated in the proposal document. Opponent Seed is the most accurate way of determining strength of schedule. Tiebreakers 5 and 6 would need to be broken by hand...for now.