Chattahoochee Cougar Classic

2015 — GA/US

Registration for the Cougar Classic is on Joy of Tournaments: Tabroom will be used during the tournament, but registration changes need to be communicated to Garrett Abelkop at


The Cougar Classic Debate Tournament at Chattahoochee High School


Varsity Policy Tentative Schedule

-Friday September 25-

3:45PM                                   Registration

5:00PM                                   Varsity Policy Round I

6:45PM                                   Dinner in Cafeteria

7:45PM                                   Varsity Policy Round II


-Saturday September 26-

8:00AM                                  Breakfast & Pairings

8:30AM                                  Varsity Policy Round III

11:30AM                                Varsity Policy Round IV

1:30PM                                   Lunch in Cafeteria

2:30PM                                   Varsity Policy Round V

5:15PM                                   Varsity Policy Round VI

7:30PM                                   Awards Assembly

8:00PM                                   Varsity Policy Octafinal Tutorial


-Sunday September 27-

8:00AM                                  Breakfast & Pairings

8:30AM                                  Varsity Policy Quarterfinal Tutorial                       

11:30AM                                Varsity Policy Semifinal Tutorial

2:30PM                                   Varsity Policy Final Tutorial


JV & N Policy, V & N Lincoln Douglas, V & N Public Forum Tentative Schedule

-Friday September 25-

3:45PM                                   Registration

5:00PM                                   Round I

6:45PM                                   Dinner in Cafeteria

7:45PM                                   Round II


-Saturday September 26-

8:00AM                                  Breakfast & Pairings

8:30AM                                  Round III

11:30AM                                Round IV

1:30PM                                  Lunch in Cafeteria

2:30PM                                  Round V

5:15PM                                  First Elim

7:30PM                                  Awards Assembly

8:00PM                                  Second Elim


Registration will take place outside of the Media Center. 


School will be in session on Friday until 3:35PM.  Tournament participants should not arrive at the school until 3:45PM on Friday.


Emergency telephone number in effect during the tournament; (404) 414-7491.


*NOTE* These schedules are tentative and may be altered.  If running ahead, the tab room will accelerate the schedule.  Do not leave campus mid-tournament.