Dixie High Debate Tournament

2015 — UT/US




Thank you for your interest in competing in St. Georege at the Dixie Debate Tournament. Dixie debate is now under the new direction of Mr. Drake, and with the help of previous coaching staff will be hosting this long running tournament. Our goal is to give students a good  experience to start their season off with. We strongly encourage double entry in I.E. events and will allow extemp entries to also double enter. We are offering Novice and Varisty divisions in each event (if numbers allow). There will be the normal fee of $15.00 per day for each school, and a $3.50 fee for each entry, with double fee for events with two competitiors. New to this year will be a school judging competition; The school that provides the most judges for rounds will recieve a $10 discount on their school fee. Thank you for your interest and we look forward to seeing you this year. 

- HI, DI, and DUO are the most likely events to not be able to sustain a novice and varsity division so please encourage your students to enter in these events to keep the level of competition high

- Extemp can double enter (they are responsible to make it work) 

- Congress will be run as a debate event

- LD novice topic and all restrictions set forth by the NSDA will be observed

- All other rules and restrictions as set forth by the NDSA and UDCA will be observed 


Friday - 30th 

DEBATE ROUND 1 - 3:15 pm

DEBATE ROUND 2- 5:15 pm

DEBATE ROUND 3- 7:00 pm

CONGRESS ROUND 1- 3:15 pm 



Saturday - 31st

IE ROUND 1 - 8:15 am

IE ROUND 2 - 9:50 am

IE ROUND 3 - 11:15 am 


AWARDS-- (It's a deabte tournament..... we will see) ---Don't worry, northern schools you wont get home late