Wauwatosa East

2016 — WI/US

2016 Wauwatosa East Forensics Invitational


Saturday, February 6 


At Wauwatosa East High School


Your team is invited to join us for the 5th (?) Annual(-ish) Wauwatosa East Forensics Invitational 


on Saturday, February 6th at Wauwatosa East High School! Here’s the information you need to 


Where: Wauwatosa East High School 


               7500 Milwaukee Ave.


               Wauwatosa East, WI 53213 


Entries:  Your top 25 entries (up to four in an event) will be used to calculate team 


Registration:  We’ll be using the Tabroom.com registration and tabulation software system. 


awards.  Double entries are allowed with the exception that a student cannot 


double enter in Extemp AND Radio.  They may double enter in one draw event 


and another event.


This is the ONLY way to register for our tournament.  To register your team, 






Fees are $9.00 for each individual entry and $12 for group entry (Duo Interp, 


Group Interp, Play Acting). Entry fees are per entry, not per student. Fees will be 


based on your confirmed entries as of 4:00 pm on Thursday, February 4.


 Registration will be open as long as there is still space in the tournament.


 Teams can and should manage their own drops and adds on Tabroom.com until noon, 


Friday, February 5th.  Entries dropped after that time will still be charged.


 Make sure you have an updated cell phone number in Tabroom.com so tournament 


personnel can contact you in case a member of your team fails to check-in by 8:15am.


 YOU MUST TEXT DROPS OR “ALL PRESENT” to 414-688-9730 between 7:00 a.m. 


and 8:00 a.m. on the morning of the tournament. Doing so allows the tournament to begin 


o If you have one or more drops, in your text, include your school name and the 


name, category, and code of each entry you are dropping.


 Example text: “Wauwatosa East: drop Joey Shabadoo, Prose, AC2102 // 


o If you have no drops, in your text, include your school name and the message 




 Example text: “Wauwatosa East: ALL PRESENT”


drop Sam Samuels, Demo, AC1001”






Categories:  WFCA rules and categories will be used.


Awards:  1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place award trophies will be given to the top three large teams (19-


Please consider attending the Friday night Congress session being hosted by 


Marquette University High School. More information is available at the WFCA 


website (wfcaforensics.org).


25+ entries) and the top three small teams (12-18 entries). 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place 


award trophies will be given to the top three competitors in each category. 


Finalists will receive finalist medals.


limited number of hired judges will be available at a cost of $150 each.


Judges:  Schools must provide one judge for every five (or fraction thereof) entries.  A 


Food:  Lunch for students will be sold once round three is finished. 


            Lunch for judges will be made available in the judges’ lounge, 


            and there will be a vegetarian option.   


Schedule:    Text your confirmation to 414-688-9730:  7:00-8:00


                     Extemp and Radio draw in the Library:  8:30


                        Judges Meeting in the Raider Room:  8:30


Registration outside of Main Office:  7:30-8:15


Student Meeting in the Cafeteria:  8:45


Round 1, all events:  9:00


Round 2, all events:  10:15


Round 3, all events:  11:30


Power Rounds:   When posted


Awards:    3:00 in the Large Gym  




If you have any questions about anything, feel free to contact me. We are looking forward to 


hosting you on February 6th!


Head Coach, Wauwatosa East 


Phone: 414-688-9730


e-mail: balcerjo@wauwatosa.k12.wi.us