No Frills

2015 — WI/US

Your Team is Invited to the “No Frills” Tournament


        West Bend East HS     Saturday, November 21, 2015


Please read carefully.   We will not be running the typical tournament.  You must 


accept these “rules” in order to participate.


Our goal is to give students who need a leg for the State Tournament to get that  


chance.  With that in mind, we ask that you try not to bring students who have already 


qualified. (We understand that you might need a few to “fill out” a team.)


Teams:  We will offer VSS, NSS, one division of L-D and one division of Public Forum. Three 


Rounds of SS     Five Rounds of L-D and PF.


Judges:  You must bring your own judges.  Few will be available for hire.  Teams without a 


judge will not be allowed to compete. 


--  You will need one judge per policy team.  


--  You will need one judge for 1 or 2 PF teams or L-Der’s or combo.  


--  You will need 2 judges for 3 or 4 PF teams or L-Der’s or combo.   Continue the progression.


Trophies:  There will be None.  No speaker awards.  


The only thing all winning record teams will go home with is a leg to State.


Fees:  We will charge $10 per L-Der, $20 per PF team and $20 per policy team.  (That should 


cover hospitality and janitorial.)


Food: Breakfast and lunch items will be sold in the cafeteria.  Hospitality will be provided in the 


coach/judge/driver room -- which will be East Cafeteria.


Deadline:  Tabroom is open for your entries.  Deadline to enter will be noon on Thursday, 


November 19.  Fees will apply to all entries as of noon on Thursday or added thereafter.  You may, 


however, make drops directly on tabroom until noon on Friday, November 20 (but you still gotta 


pay for them.).


Schedule:  Registration 7:45-8:15 in East Library.  Schedules will be printed at 8:16.   Round 1 


at 8:30.  Other rounds to follow immediately.  If you are not here by 8:15, you will not be included 


in the Round 1 schedule (gonna be tougher to get that leg.).  


Sound cruel?  Sorry, but we’re gonna stay on schedule and have you on your way home by 2:30.


Mandatory Saturday phone in by 7:30.    Call  262-483-2730 or  414-378-2839


Sexton/Knetzger Enterprises WBHS  1305 E. Decorah Rd   53090