Orange County Speech League Novice

2015 — CA/US

Eligibility -Novice Competitors

All students must be enrolled in 9­-12th grade in order to compete at any OCSL tournament and must be a verified student at the school they are representing. Independent entries and academies are not allowed entry to OCSL tournaments.

A) Only students who are novice may compete in the OCSL Novice tournament.

B) There are six groups of events in which competitors may attain varsity status in the OCSL:

  1. Student Congress
  2. Debate (Policy, Lincoln/Douglas, Parliamentary, Public Forum)
  3. Extemporaneous (International/National)
  4. Impromptu
  5. Interpretations (Dramatic, Duo, Humorous, Oratorical, Thematic)
  6. Originals (Advocacy, Expository, Oratory, Prose/Poetry)

C) If a competitor is varsity in one event within the group, s/he is varsity in all the events within the group (e.g. if a competitor is varsity in Dramatic Interpretation, s/he is varsity in the other four interpretation events).

D) A Novice Individual Event/Student Congress competitor is defined as someone who has not received a first, second, or third place award at an OCSL tournament.

E) A Novice Policy/Lincoln/Douglas/Parliamentary/Public Forum debate competitor is defined as someone who has not accumulated five total debate wins in at OCSL tournaments.

F) Students who have competed at any Orange County Championship Tournament (State Quals) may no longer compete at the novice level in the applicable group of events.

Eligibility - Judges

Open level students in either 11th or 12th grade may judge at the Novice Tournament


$7 per Individual Event, LD, & Congress entry

$14 per Policy, Public Forum, Parli, & Duo entry