The Husky Invitational at Northeastern

2015 — MA/US

Important Notice

Dear Coaches, Judges, and Participants,

We are extremely regretful to inform you that we must cancel this year's Husky Invitational at Northeastern University.

 Our institution has an extremely rigorous set of policies regarding events with minors on campus. Although these policies are valuable and they serve to ensure the safety of all guests while on campus, the required forms add an additional burden to the already busy schedules of coaches, judges, and parents. Unfortunately, we did not receive all of the necessary documents from many registered teams; as such, the university’s Office of Risk Management is rejecting our event, which means we will not be able to host the event in any capacity. We have attempted to speak with the Director of Risk Management in order to find a suitable alternative the the burdensome paperwork, but the University must enforce the policy to its fullest effect.

 As you know, we had planned on reducing the tournament from a 2-day event to a 1-day to better facilitate meaningful competition and to be more accommodating to traveling registrants given the low registration we received. Therefore, our organization, after constant deliberation with the Office of Risk Management, felt it was best to cancel the event today to give all programs as much sufficient notice as possible rather than try to continue contemplating alternatives and provide a last minute cancellation closer to the tournament.

 We received enormous amounts of advice and support from many members of the circuit throughout the planning phase of this tournament, and we are extremely grateful towards the individuals that gave us their time and energy in the hopes of bringing about another opportunity for their students. We sincerely apologize that we were not able to provide that experience, and we hope that you understand the tough decision we were forced to make today. We were excited to bring another strong university tournament opportunity to the area, and we are extremely disappointed that our university’s policies stood in the way of that goal.

 If you have any concerns or questions, please e-mail, and we will be happy to discuss any of these issues with you further.



Daniel Rego

The Husky Invitational Tournament Director


On behalf of:


Northeastern Debate Debate Society