Pennsbury Falcon Invitational

2016 — PA/US

This message is extremely important! You must read everything here and make sure all of your coaches, judges, and competitors have the right information. Please read it all carefully and send it to everyone involved. It is also posted at and


1. Locations: CX, Congress, and all Speech events are held at PHS West for the duration of the tournament; LD and PF will begin at Truman HS (thanks to the Truman team for making this year’s tournament possible!). The schedule is designed so that you should go to PHS West first: the opening meeting for Policy will be at 3:40pm, followed by Speech; opening meeting at Truman is at 4pm.

On Saturday, at the conclusion of Round 5 on Saturday, all LD and PF students and judges will need to move to PHS West for lunch and all subsequent rounds. The tournament will provide buses to move everyone from Truman over to PHS West, but ONLY on Saturday.

If your school is competing in both buildings, someone must check in at registration in both buildings! The coach/responsible adult only needs to be in one place, but both tab rooms need to know you’ve arrived.


2. Registration: Please arrive after 2:30 at either building. Ideally everyone should arrive at PHS West by 3:30 and Truman by 3:45. However, you must report any changes by 3:30; changes we discover after 3:30 will cost you a $10 chaos fee, so please email any changes when you leave your school to

You must check in at both buildings (if competing at both buildings). The registration packets are specific to each site. And, you must distribute the information in the packets! Especially at PHS West where judges need their dinner tickets, but also at Truman. Please inform any of your judges traveling separately that they should check in with YOU, not with us.

The full Tournament Schedule:


3. Payment: Checks are payable to PHS-SAA. Your tabroom invoice is your official invoice as of the close of registration. If you have any questions about the amount displayed, please contact me ASAP. Pay in either building at registration.



4. Changes: will allow name changes and drops until Thursday at 6pm. Entry fees and judge obligations are locked as of Thursday at 6pm. Any entry drops after this time do not change your registration fee. Tabroom will also be locked at this time, so any further changes must be reported to me at Please help us start on time by reporting any drops when you leave your school rather than when you arrive at ours.


And once again, you must report any changes by Friday at 3:30; changes we discover after 3:30 will cost you a $10 chaos fee.


5. Topics: We will use the national Policy resolution (domestic surveillance), the Jan-Feb NSDA LD topic (hand guns), and the February NSDA PF topic (carbon tax). Please see for full wording. Congress legislation is available at Remember that the agenda has been set.


6. Rules: Unless otherwise noted at, we will follow CFL rules in all events. This is especially important in Public Forum: there is no coin flip; sides are assigned and Pro always speaks first.


7. Strikes: Policy and LD entries may enter judge strikes any time between 6pm Wednesday and noon on Friday. You must enter your strikes via tabroom – log in to your registration after 6pm and you will see the Prefs tab available. If you submit your list via email or paper, they will go into effect on Saturday. Strikes are open to schools who don’t change judges after strikes open. Please be a good citizen and ensure that your judges have paradigms posted at either tabroom or


8. Supplementals: We offer FREE Supplemental Events of Radio Announcing and Improvisational Duo. These events are intended for students who do not earn awards in their main events. Please see for more information. Encourage your students to sign themselves up on Saturday!


9. Food: Dinner will be served in both buildings for students and judges. At PHS West, judges will receive a dinner ticket in your registration packet; students will pay for a la carte items. On tabroom, under the “Friday night dinner” tab, you may elect to receive up to one “non-judging coach” dinner ticket. Please use this only for chaperones with the team – all judges will receive a ticket at registration.

At Truman, judges will eat in a separate judges’ lounge. Students can order pizza, and we ask that you please place your orders ahead of time on the “Friday night dinner” tab – orders close at 6pm Thursday.

Lunch on Saturday will be served in PHS West. Judges’ lunches will be provided in the judges’ lounge and students will pay for a la carte items. Snacks will be available for purchase throughout in both buildings.


10. Double-entry: Many competitors are double- or triple-entered in Speech events, and many for the first time. Check out for more on how that works.

If you have any questions about this information, or anything else about the tournament, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you on Friday!


Jeff Kahn


Tournament Director