The FREE AB Season Opener

2024 — Online, MO/US

Welcome to the 2024 AB Season Opener Tournament


This is a tournament completely FREE of charge! All events will have 4 rounds. We offer the following events:

Middle School Public Forum Debate (Maverick included)

Middle School Lincoln Douglas Debate

Middle School Original Oratory

Middle School Policy (Maverick included)

High School Novice Public Forum Debate (Maverick included)

High School Novice Lincoln Douglas

High School Novice Original Oratory

High School Novice Policy (Maverick included)

Entries: Independent entries are encouraged! If you cannot enter under your own institution, please feel free to contact regarding independent entries, under our institution. Disclosure will happen in the chat channel under your room number in discord ASAP after pairings drop.

Judging: The one ask is to provide as many judges as possible. We understand that you might not be able to have any, we just ask that you try. Thus, we currently do not have any judging requirements. However, if our hired judging and school judges are unable to cover one judge per round, we will ask that you have judges to cover 2 rounds per entry.

Hired Judging: Hired judges will NOT be paid. This is because this entire tournament is volunteer based. The goal of this tournament is not be gain profit, but rather gain practice and experience and reap the benefits of speech and debate. This is why we don’t have entries fees. All the tab staff are volunteers as well. We want to expand speech and debate to as many people as possible as it is truly a life changing or even life saving activity. I understand that this may prove as an incentive to not judge, however, we ask that you consider it anyways.

Judges are required to have a paradigm. - If we get a good amount of judges we will be paneling! However, if we cannot, then it will be a 1 person judge.

Coinflips: All debate events will have online coinflips!

Time: The time zone we are using will be the central time zone.

All divisions of policy, LD, and PF, will use the MPJ ordinal pref system. Questions about how that works or just curious what that is?

Equity issues regarding, bullying, harassment, homophobia, racism, xenophobia, transphobia, etc. Please contact @equityofficer in Discord ASAP!

Schedule Link: