Pearl Invitational

2024 — HopIn Online, CA/US

Welcome to the Pearl Invitational!

This is an internal tournament designed to have students compete in various events. As such, any event THAT IS NOT SPAR will only have ONE ROUND, and will be scheduled in different blocks of time.

The tournament will be conducted online via Zoom. Please review our Zoom Guidelines/Tournament Rules. We will use as the official tournament management and registration.

Tournament LiveDoc: Topics and other information will be released here.

*ZOOM LINK TO HELPDESK* If you are in need of anything at all, come to the help desk. A staff member will be present at the earliest convenience, if they are not present.


UPDATE: Moving to Breakout rooms.


**Times are subject to change. We will try to run the tournament EARLY, and if this happens there will be email blasts.**

8:00 AM | Judge Meeting: Meet @ Judge Lounge Zoom(Password Protected)

8:20 AM | Tournament Wide Meeting @ General Zoom Meet

9:00 AM | Round 1: Parliamentary Debate

10:30 AM | Round 2: Informative/Original Oratory & SPAR

11:30 AM | Lunch Break

12:35 PM | Round 3: SPAR

1:50 PM | Round 4: SPAR

3:15 PM | Concluding Awards - Will be announced at the latest on 5/12 -- Keep an eye on emails!


AS PRESCRIBED BY THE MIDDLE SCHOOL UNIFIED MANUAL PROVIDED BY THE NSDA, the Pearl Invitational follows the Middle School Speech and Debate guidelines that reference the High School Unified Manual unless otherwise specified.

As always, best of luck to our future champions!


NSDA Resources for Judges: