2024 — US



The International Olympiad in Forensics cordially invites you to the inaugural Summer Opener!


The IOF Regional(IOFR) program is mainly aimed towards competitors anywhere outside of the USA. For those in the US, please refer to the USA Forensics Olympiad.

All events and communication will be held using the English Language.

This is an international tournament that is a part of the IOF Regional(IOFR) 2024-25 Series. Each IOFR year-length cycle consists of monthly tournaments in June-March(excluding August) and an invitational championships event in April.

Top competitors in the Gold & Silver Divisions of the IOFR Championship will be invited to the 2025 International Olympiad in Forensics

IOFR Open events welcome all students 18 y.o. & under. No citizenship or location requirements apply, other than that you must reside outside the US(If you are a citizen/resident of the US, please refer to the USA Forensics Olympiad). Only the IOFR Championship requires other qualifications.

You will find all necessary tournament information available at this page.



Quick Info


Debate: Public Forum, Congressional, Lincoln Douglas, Parliamentary, Policy/Public Policy, World Schools

Speech: Extemp(National Extemp), Dramatic Interpretation, Original Oratory, Informative Speaking, Duo Interpretation, Humorous Interpretation, Impromptu, Program of Oral Interpretation

Where? Online via NSDA Campus

When? 5/18 - 5/19


Congress: 3 prelim rounds, >= 1 elim rounds || ALL OTHER Debate Events: 5 prelim rounds, >= 3 elim rounds

Speech: 4 prelim rounds, >= 1 elim rounds

Who? Non-School teams allowed.



  • Top competitors* in each division earn bids to the Gold/Silver divisions of theInternational Olympiad in Forensics Regional Championship event in April
  • $100 USD IN CASH for top team in each division
  • $50 USD IN CASH for top team in each division
  • $50 USD IN CASH for top new team in each division**


2024-2025 School Year Season Schedule

The latest updates on our schedule can be found on our website.


Questions, Concerns, & More Info

If you have any other questions, comments, or concerns, or would like to request more information, please contact us at

*bids will be distributed down to the top x(where x depends on the # of entries in your division) team that does not have >= 1.0 bids; please view the live doc for more detailed qualification information

*a top new team is a team who has not yet competed in the IOF or IOFR during the current tournament cycle; please view the live doc for more detailed information