Lexington Virtual JV Round Robin

2024 — NSDA Campus, MA/US

The Lexington Debate Family would like to formally invite one of your teams/entries to our Fourth Annual Virtual JV Round Robin on September 14, 2024. The round robin is a friendly competition where high schoolers in their second year of debating or who have fewer than 50 rounds can test out their cases before entering the varsity pool.

The Round Robin will be on NSDA Campus and is open for Lincoln Douglas, Policy, and Public Forum. The tournament will be single flighted and run on Saturday, September 14.

Once registration opens this summer, schools may register up to 2 entries per event, where the second entry will be considered as your first alternate. We will first focus on school diversity, but will allow additional entries from your school on a first come, first serve basis. The registration fee will be $15/student.

We look forward to hosting you and there is more information to come! Please reach out with any questions tolextourneyhelp@gmail.com.


Janet, Kaz, and the Lexington Debate Family